Chocolate Coconut Mousse

adapted from Cafe Delights

Makes 4 small servings

Prep time: 5 minutes


Coconut milk: 1.90, sugar: .05, cocoa: .10, dark chocolate: .45

Note: You'll notice there's a big range with the amount of sugar for these. The original recipe called for the small amount. This leaves you with a mousse that has barely any sweetness at all. That totally works for some people--they just want the creamy, coconuty flavor of this mousse. However, if you're expecting/wanting the more traditional sweetness of a more traditional mousse, then you'll need to use more sugar. So mix in and taste as you go, then decide how sweet you want it. The chocolate shavings will add a bit of sweetness, but not a significant amount. 

1 can coconut cream or coconut milk (just the thick creamy parts)

1-4 Tbsp powdered sugar

3 Tbsp cocoa powder

1 oz dark chocolate, chopped or shaved (optional)

Whip the coconut cream (or the thick part of your coconut milk) in a bowl. Add the cocoa powder, then the milk. 

Chop your dark chocolate and then fold it in. 

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