Where in the world is it better to eat than in Paris, France? It a tough job to search the globe for menu enhancing ideas, but someone's gotta do it. TBQ's big summer journey to the land of foie gras resulted in an excellent culinary adventure.

Had opportunitto sample a wide variety of foods, from French versions of gyros; hamburgers, street food baguettes to even Japanese Soba and 

authentic Italian pizza. Also participated in a cooking class/tour in the belly of Paris' central food markets and historic restaurant supply area.  Finally, had encounters with Charcuterie,upscale brasserie Pluma Iberique, and Blues BAR-B-Q, a place that boasts the only American-style barbecue in France.

Au Sanglier Sarl Geoffroy- Vorre Charcutier, Traiteur. 49 rue Saint Antoine, Paris

Charcuterie is a close cousin to barbeque in that meats are cured and sometimes smoked in order to add these unique flavors to a wide variety of delicacies. Located near the plaza of the Bastille, in a small storefront Au Sanglier are true artisians in this form of cooking. Had the best Croque Monsier (their version of our Monte Cristo sandwich) in the world! With a egg battered exterior, this treat is filled with delicious smoked ham and the fine bread simply melts in with some of the finest gourmet cheese. 

La Petite Cour, Brasserie/ Restaurant, Paris

Famous for a version of the classic French dish, we had a chance to taste their succulent grill roasted Black Angus steak with duck foie gras (photo on top). However, the favorite had to the Pluma Iberique- a flavor rich roast pork, served in natural meat juice and a smoky BBQ sauce. Magnifique!

Blues BAR-B-Q, Paris

Helmed by Lois, a transplant from Dallas, Texas- she states this three year old establish is the only American Barbeque in all of France, The beef brisket is slow smoked overnight for 11 hours, the meaty ribs for four. You can taste every minute in their great version of these dishes. They also 

offer smoked sausage, a white cheddar shell Macaroni and Cheese, chili fries, sandwiches and more.