An Amercian BQ in London

Riding the waves following the recent Olympics, Tastee BQ took a dive into the United Kingdom to experience the latest in Barbecue. Racks of ribs later, we are happy to report that scene in Westminster, London is surprisingly strong and growing in popularity.

In the hub of the West End, an area called Piccadilly Circus is host to theatre row, high profile shops, restaurants and neighboring Chinatown. In a prime central location ADAM'S RIB occupies a clean two story flat, with walls of windows overlooking the bustling Shaftsbury Ave. Drinks, combo paltter, great sauce. While tasty, the food seems more baked than barbequed. But a pleasant visit nonetheless. 

MoreCentral is the SoHo district, parts of which tend to boast tight back alley streets lined with boutiques, bookstores, galleries and some apartments. There, you can find a world class barbecue treasure named PITT & CO. Incredibly more delicious than it sounds, their Bone Marrow Mashed Potatoes is a signitaure dish of a fresh potatoes, a savory brown sauce and smoked bone marrow whipped with cream and garlic. Accompanied by the day's special, a meaty rendition of Smoked Beef Ribs. This little spot makes England a better place to eat.

A coupleof blocks away, it seems like a little patch of Texas somehow took a flight to London and landed in on a plot called BODEAN'S. Sporting a very traditional menu of American barbeque favorites the food is solid. This is surely the favorite among Southerners stranded across the pond. Chicken, Ribs, Fries and Homemade Sauces.

On the edge of Convent Garden near Trafagar Sqaure, not to be cofused with Tianmen Squre in China. Near street performers and shops of Charring Cross Road, across the red carpet Cineplex we find STEAK & CO. This very upscale full service eaterie features the unlikely, but delicious memu of organic steaks, cooked on brick at your table and a variety of smoked Kansas style ribs. Top notch preparations and offering one the city's famous recipes for Mac and Cheese.