The Legend



Where would Kentucky Fried Chicken be without the Colonel? McDonalds without a Ronald? Or Burger King without… well, a King?

In our Mission to Make the World a Better Place to Eat, Tastee BQ is proud to introduce our New Mascot- TASTEEBQ. Born Taste E. BQ, our SuperHero's passion for Great Barbeque burns Hotter than a red hot coal of Kingsford Charcoal. TASTEEBQ's special powers include Visionary Food Presentations, Hands well trained in the ancient Arts of Tong and Spatula and the Power of The Palate!

A whole Book could be dedicated to describe the Power of The Palate!. [Actually one is being written.] Put briefly, The Palate! has been carefully cultivated through millions of bites of the Best Foods from around the Globe. The Palate! can take ordinary ingredients and transform them into incredible Culinary Delights. Take the first "a" out of "Palate" and it's "Plate." That's the Goal: Saving the world from TASTEEBQ's evil nemesis Bor’engFood, One Plate at a Time.

TASTEEBQ strives to advance the Art of Barbecue through:

 I- Updating classic dishes like Smoked Chicken, Ribs, Burgers, Smoked Turkey and Ham.

 II- Offering healthier gourmet alternatives like Grilled Caesar Salad, Steak Lettuce Wraps, also Organic and Vegan Barbecue.

 III- Whereas TasteeBQ cannot be everywhere to cook at all times, he will share Home Versions of our BBQ Catering Recipes through occasional Articles and in the upcoming Book.  Our hero is also creating a secret cooking tool for public consumption. It will be released in the very near future.

In a Perfect World, kids will not grow up thinking that Ribs are some synthetic ground pork concoction, served on a bun under Golden Arches. With the use of a Grill, TasteeBQ combines the Natural Elements of Coal, Wood and Fire to invoke the Best Flavors ever created since the Beginning of Time. His powers are enhanced by Modern Technology, whenever Indoor Electronic Food Controllers (ovens, stoves, microwaves, etc…) are at his disposal. Where there is Food and Fire, there must also be Ice. TASTEEBQ can transport natural Ice bearing containers to any location, lest a Refrigeration Module is made available.

Invite TasteeBQ to your next Party or Event. His mortal counterpart Mick Brown is also available for Private Grilling Lessons and Group Demonstrations. Contact

The Adventures of TasteeBQ... (to be continued)