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              Freya with Caliope


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Rare Breeds of Chicken In Australia is a backyard guide to assist the average family in choosing the most suitable breed for their backyard, and to show that the rare breeds are as good, if not better.

Welcome to Telemnar Rare Poultry

Hello, I'm Peta.  I live on the outskirts of  Hobart with my husband, Pete, & 2 young children, Freya and Nathan.  I only became involved in the showing & breeding aspect of  chooks early in 2006 with a lovely large gold-laced wyandotte pullet and a porcelaine belgian d'Uccles pullet I got as backyard layers.  They turned out to be great showbirds, & I caught the bug.

I then acquired my pair of large blue wyandottes which started producing blue-laced gold offspring.  I had originally wanted to breed blue-laced gold but didn't have the room for the large numbers required to create them.  Their arrival threw my breeding plan out the window and isn't helped by the fact that I only have a suburban backyard.  I'll just have to manage.

Developing a passion for rare breeds of poultry, I discovered the faverolles, which I also love and keep.

"Watching TV"

I hope you enjoy looking at and reading about the breeds I have, as much as I enjoy keeping, breeding and showing them. 






                                                                        My passion is my poultry, particularly preserving and promoting the rare breeds.