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Please refer to the site contacts to inquire about this special interest group or for information on how to become a member.
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Amanda Arriaga DPS amanda.arriaga@dps.texas.gov 
Amy Fox-Jackson DADS Amy.Fox-Jackson@dads.state.tx.us 
Charlie Lindahl TAMHSC clindahl@tamhsc.edu 
Cynthia Park TJJD cynthia.park@tjjd.texas.gov 
David Brandon TABC David.Brandon@tabc.state.tx.us 
David Cook TRS david.cook@trs.state.tx.us 
David LaChance CPA david.lachance@cpa.state.tx.us 
David Larsen DARS david.larsen@dars.state.tx.us 
Deborah Hujar DIR deborah.hujar@dir.texas.gov  
Diana Sawyers TJJD diana.sawyers@tjjd.texas.gov 
Diana Taylor DIR Diana.Taylor@dir.texas.gov 
Don Gilman TAMU  
Ellen Boughter DOT Ellen.Boughter@txdot.gov 
Hammond Hendrix CPA hammond.hendrix@cpa.state.tx.us 
Hank Dembosky DOT Hank.Dembosky@txdot.gov 
Heather Hall DADS heather.hall@dads.state.tx.us 
James Arzola HHSC James.Arzola@hhsc.state.tx.us 
Janet Serna HHSC janet.serna@hhsc.state.tx.us 
Jean Garcia HHSC jean.garcia@hhs.state.tx.us 
Jessica Iselt DPS jessica.iselt@dps.texas.gov 
Jim Skelton DSHS jim.skelton@dshs.state.tx.us 
Jodi Ashlock TWC jodi.ashlock@twc.state.tx.us 
John Smith HHSC john.smith@hhsc.state.tx.us 
Joynce Velazquez DOT Joyce.Velazquez@txdot.gov 
Karen Marshall THECB Karen.Marshall@thecb.state.tx.us 
Kati Kieffer TJJD kati.kieffer@tjjd.texas.gov 
Kyle Neely ERS Kyle.Neely@ers.state.tx.us 
Lee Cooper DSHS lee.cooper@dshs.state.tx.us  
Lori Lattrell ERS lori.lattrell@ers.state.tx.us 
Lynn Ayala TDCJ lynn.ayala@tdcj.state.tx.us 
Margarita Arroyo TWDB Margarita.Arroyo@twdb.texas.gov 
Mark Mehrens TPWD Mark.Mehrens@tpwd.state.tx.us 
Maryloretto Buckley TDI  Maryloretto.buckley@tdi.texas.gov 
Mary Valente DADS mary.valente@dads.state.tx.us 
Melissa Nagle DADS Melissa.Nagle@dads.state.tx.us 
Michelle Hinex ERS michelle.hinex@ers.state.tx.us  
Patrice Wilson HHSC patrice.wilson@hhsc.state.tx.us 
Philippe Woodruffe DOT Philippe.Woodruffe@txdot.gov 
PJ Vilanilam DIR pj.vilanilam@dir.texas.gov  
Richard Bondi HHSC richard.bondi@hhsc.state.tx.us  
Ron Ayer DADS Ronald.Ayer@dads.state.tx.us 
Rose Wheeler DARS rose.wheeler@dars.state.tx.us  
Roslyn Hotard DARS roslyn.hotard@dars.state.tx.us 
Sara Hill HHSC Sara.Hill@hhsc.state.tx.us 
Sheilah Merlino TWDB sheilah.merlino@twdb.texas.gov 
Sonny Lelle DOT Sonny.Lelle@txdot.gov 
Steven Fearing DADS steven.fearing@dads.state.tx.us 
Youssef Fakhreddine DSHS Youssef.fakhreddine@dshs.state.tx.us 
Yung Ng TTU yung.ng@ttu.edu 
Showing 49 items