Our Purpose

The objectives of the TBC are to:

·       Provide input into state government policy regarding cycling as a form of recreation and transport.

·       Work with Tasmanian Cycling Federation and competitive cycling groups on issues that are relevant to both parties.

·       Coordinate statewide programs and activities

·       Develop road safety and awareness campaigns around cycling

·       Facilitate opportunities for road designers and engineers to advance their professional development.

·       Provide a forum for various non-competitive cycling groups from around the state to exchange ideas and share knowledge.


To achieve these Objectives, the following Strategies have been developed:

1.     Develop and Communicate policies that promote Transport and Recreational cycling in Tasmania

2.     Advocate for cyclists and the development of cycling.

3.     Develop funding models that provide for the future sustainability of the TBC

4.     Education of cyclists and other road users

5.     Promotion of TBC and major events

6.     Provision of services that benefit members of TBC