Taskbaric is a small program with a simple purpose: to iconize Windows taskbar buttons. Taskbaric works on Windows XP and Vista.

The program does not stay in memory, and it does not modify any system files.



  1. Run the program (taskbaric.exe) to iconize the taskbar buttons.
  2. To undo the effect, simply run the program again.
  3. To get the optimal results with the XP version (taskbaric_xp.exe), apply the registry change Vishal Gupta describes in detail here to change the width of the buttons.
  4. In some cases, the registry change alone is sufficient. But if you're still seeing texts like the picture below, then taskbaric_xp.exe will hide those texts for you.

Questions? Comments? Please visit the taskbaric page at deviantART.


Taskbaric is derived from Tclock2.


Taskbaric at deviantART
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