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When placing an order please make sure to give at least one week notice, for larger cakes a deposit maybe required!












Birthday cakeElmo                   Shark cake


I have decorated cakes in my home for over 9 years. I opened my bakery in January 2011! I make all specialty cakes, Cookie baskets, Cookie cakes, Cookie Bouquets, Ice cream cakes, cupcakes, cupcake cakes, fruit baskets... I work with Fondant, butter cream, cream cheese, and whipped icing. I can mock just about any cake u find online or have a picture of that you may want. My prices always depend on difficulty of the item and money put into the project. Depending on the price of the order a deposit may be required! Thank
You for visiting my site! 
Owner, Tashma Nichols    


TO PLACE A ORDER CALL 14097871606 OR EMAIL ME @ amhsat_c@yahoo.com   

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