It is flowing through the internet the controversy that on the Far side of the Moon is located an ancient alien spaceship of unknown age. It is also misterious for how long has been lying on it's surface - probably bilions of years, ages of time. William Rutledge or retiredafb (you tube profile) had put several videos online on You Tube, trigging this controversy - Not only the videos are pointing to the localization of the object, but  they also allege that what it is shown is the alien spaceship itself (continue)...

They were presumably recorded on a mission called Apollo 20 (not the one that wasn't accomplished) destined specifically to investigate the "mother alien spaceship" and an alien structure (this video is a obvious hoax - constructing)- It's length is approximately 4 km (deep analysis - constructing).

He corroborates his story with several photographs that have been took by NASA's Apollo missions, showing a peculiar and suggestive form that somehow doesn't fits the common patterns of the lunar surface. More, he alleges himself as part of Apollo 20 mission's crew.

Mr. Luca Scantamburlo interviewed Mr. William Rutledge and by so he became his spokesman.

Recently, a new site was created intituled, showing on it's logotype, a picture of the alleged (one of the) alien spaceship captured on Apollo 20 mission's video. It dedicates to investigate spectacular feats of daring  in space and identifying/honoring Space Heroes.

They are investigating William Rutledges's arguments so they can gather material for a prima facie case - if so, formal letters of recommendation for award of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor will be prepared and submitted to the NASA Administrator .

Parallelly, Silicon Laude is sponsoring The connection to rutledge is assumed and obvious when  Silicon Laude's homepage has several images reconizable to Apollo 20 spaceship novel, directly linked to both retiredafb videos and  Mr. William Rutledge interview by Mr. Luca Scantamburlo.

Silicon Laude not only insists that Laude should be pronounced as Laudee, but is also a privately held, fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Their internaticonal representative is Device Tools - an international distributor and support center of market leading embedded software, development tools and hardware platforms, located in the US. (see also here).