Apollo 20 - Pseudo Spaceship - Photo Analysis Part II - Reset - conclusion

Reavaliation - forget the videos were saw, let's suppose - What about IF - conclusion

  • CONCLUSION: AS15-P-9630's "object" and the AS20-1020 spaceship are two diferent things .


  • The exclusion of any validity from the assumption AS15-P-9630 object is the same spaceship (The Rocket) that appear on  retiredafb's video. The key-stone is not valid.

    • Illusory contours



 AS20 / AS15-P-9625

The photograph above was captured from retiredafb's video. It's one of a 3 serie of photographs put together on the video. Is supposed to be one of the many photographs took by Apollo 20's mission. Theoretically it represents the same region where the peculiar form of AS15-P-9625 appears. I've associate three letters to three analogue regions.

  • A - two protuberances

  • B - big shadow

  • C - pack of small craters


"The Rocket" captured from this retiredafb's video

So, there's the assumption that the object centered on both photographs AS20 / AS15-P-9625 and the spaceship (rocket) are the same thing.


The same photographicall comparison. By the previous logical photographic conclusion, without being supported by the conclusion of the previous video photographical comparison I can conclude that the object shown on the intituled photograph AS20-1020 (spaceship "The Rocket), could not ever be the same phenomena shown on AS15-P-9625:


"Kanizsa Triangle" 

Kanizsa triangle (Kanizsa 1955)


Illusory contours or subjective contours are a form of visual illusion where contours are perceived without a luminance or color change across the contour. Friedrich Schumann first discovered illusory contours (Schumann 1900).

A classic example of illusory contours is the Kanizsa triangle (Kanizsa 1955). Many observers report a white triangle on top of the triangle outline and disks, despite no luminance change present in the image. The Ehrenstein illusion is another common form of illusory contours.

It is thought that early visual cortical regions such as V2 are responsible for forming illusory contours (von der Heydt 1984)

(read article... Wikipedia)

I think this photos, also captured from retiredafb's video showing the "spaceship Rocket", are very alusive to my assumption as they are showing the front of the spaceship obviously separated from the ground, at least at it's upper surface.


courtesy from Mr. Luca Scantamburlo