Apollo 20 - Pseudo Spaceship -  Photo Analysis Part II -  Reset

Reavaliation - forget the videos were saw - erasing previous inductions and sugestions - part 1

  • re-step 1 - the naive look without influence - no aim to a distoant pattern
  • re-step 2 - no focus
  • re-step 3 - tricking the vision - induction to non presence of object
  • re-step 4 - tricking the shadows - adjusting of brightness and contrast
  • re-step 5 - the magnetism of preconceived memories or images.
  • Topic

    •  Purpose: other points of view - subjectifying the visual constructions - Tests

The Begar Ghost (chin beard dark lower figure left) conspiring and whispering with the Avaracious Vulture (brigther upper figure right). The Solution is the thumbnail on it's right


Is this a face that resembles a monster?, sort of smiling with a long and extended lower jaw? Could it be a new species of a humanoid photographed? Is this an amphibian? a pre-historik and not yet pointed creature? iIs this a monster frog ?  The Solution is the thumbnail on it's right