Apollo 20 - Pseudo Spaceship - Photo Analysis - In Deep


The Speculation - just after seeing the alleged videos and being induced by - part I

  • step 1 - the induction
  • step 2 - eye aiming / relevant sorroundings
  • step 3 - the object: focus

STEP 1: The induced form  

This is one of the 2 trigger photographs to start this controversial question. It's reference is AS15-P9630 and it was taken during Apollo 15 mission over the region of the craters Delporte and Izsak.

I will base my next examples exclusively on this low resolution version of AS15-P9630, because it was the first version people saw while the debate started.

I've marked the circular patterns (craters) in red, and the pseudo-object in yellow. I will use in this part of this chapter the term spaceship and object, as one at this point was induced by this concept, seeing previously the movie.

It is possible to see that the common pattern on this photograph are circles and elipses made by the craters as it's shadows among a mass of bright and dark. The peculiarity of the marked yellow horizontal shape of the object destoants this lunar pattern. As this shape destoants from the sorrounding pattern, it's possible to induce that that form is in fact an object independent from the lunar surface. All this inductions were highly stimulated by the controversial videos that gave to the interpretation, the notion of a precise object with precise information. Adding the fact that the spaceship as told on the videos by William Rutledge is indeed present on oficial NASA photographs taken during Apollo 15. Increasingly, the photographs are centered on one coordinate on the object, sugesting that NASA was concerned on it. Question that is perfectly possible, because NASA staf could also be illusioned by the same reasons.

STEP 2: Eye centering / Relevant Sorroundings


I've choose to label the red target as equivalent to how human eye centers the spaceship; The yellow elipse as the adjacent area to the spaceship relevant for the human eye.

STEP 3: The object - Focus

I used Photoshop to blur all the area that sorrounds what is now considered The Spaceship. This filter was to exemplify what our brain image analysis is now inconsciently processing.