IT - THE END - edited

The meaning of IT could be defined as the abstraction of what can be pointed to human  understanding  as   the unanswered interrogations and the amount of knowledge that is yet to be discovered,  if it will be   discovered  at all. Commonly known as the unknown or portion of knowledge like an increasing amount  of  information   that wasn't yet been achieved or assimilated by human capacities. It is what we still don’t know and can assume  both human's expectations as fears.

 IT is the mass that is rationally defined as the unknown related to the assertion that knowledge is by inherency incomplete. When used as a ground basis for studying humans social sciences so is the rolling play of processing epistemology - a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge, assuming that knowing absolutely isn’t, but a meta-process of perpetual construction and revision of human's survival. Paradigmatic ruptures often occur.

 If knowledge is faced as an absolute possibility of achieving, then the tendency for the origin of a dogma would take place on the concept of understanding and it's inherent process would most probably be stanched while knowledge would be controlled and possessed by specific entities or classes. Theocratic, absolutist and despotist ways of government use it as a device of manipulation. It’s a strategical tool to maintain separated both higher and lower classes.  Frequently, the ruling and en-powered ones are gnostic when they assume themselves portraiture's of illuminated wisdom and secrecy while others are ignorant and manipulatable.

 Knowledge is incomplete by definition as also as our finite existence is associated by that restriction. Both are considered correlated. The tools that make possible the inscription of knowledge and it’s transmission by education and culture to future generations could be seen as the compensation for that problem. Accessible data and databases are the democratic materialisation of that cultural transmission and the tools to upgrade civilisation and it’s progress in future. The expansion of perspectives, opinions, beliefs, the trade of information and culture are fundamental directives to achieve civilisation's maturity.

 If subordinated by a gap that like water and olive oil together separate the differences between economical classes, the process of knowing or understanding could assume a very disturbing perspective. If the access for knowing and it’s capacity of being processed is dependent on money and on certain social class's abilities, it pushes forward that some individuals can reach knowledge and may be informed, satisfied and potentially able to grow their inner selves, while others simply can’t because are systematically blocked by the limits of absence of economics and by effect the tools they don’t have that make reachable the possibility of being satisfied, en-lighted and growing as human persons.

 Some classes are prepared to face knowledge as a construction, others live in ignorance and are dependent to exclusively understand what is shown or filtered by the others, diminishing their freedom of choice and built of character. This is typically a society with a relatively small power class that locks most of the access to knowledge. It's a question of controlling, manipulating, filtering and knowledge becomes a strategical tool to achieve and keep that power.

 Since ancient times to modernity, civilisation had its steps on the ways of conquering and being victorious by supremacy in the ways of higher weaponry and bellic knowledge. Knowledge and it's practical profits are the condition for being triumphant in a nation that wants to keep power and domination among others and not the least, to preserve it’s own safety by defence. It’s a question of surviving if there are other players with similar intentions. 


Ingmar Bergtman's -  O Sétimo Selo (Det sjunde inseglet)


In nowadays that same concept is presently alive, althouknowledge may freely circulate and navigate through the virtual colossal database that Internet is starting to be. Still, what is presented as accepted and assumed knowledge is not totally true. Comparing knowledge to the visible and submersible parts of an iceberg (conscious / unconscious), we can say that it's visible part could be seen as the common way knowledge and information reach us by several media and it’s submersed part could be seen as analogue to hidden and secret fields of that same knowledge kept hidden by political, economical and governmental or enterprise forces safeguarding in an autist way their exclusive own interests. Also, the presentation of some information not yet processed as knowledge not only could be presented as incomplete but also false or not totally true if indeed a certain elite of power is filtering what is known or what is accessed to public. (Take a look at Plato - The Cave allegory) 

Plato’s – Alegoria da Caverna (Allegory of the cave)

 But IT either in an anthropocentric view or not stays ITself. Even deturpated, guarded, hidden, filtered, IT belongs to the part of the submersed iceberg that is not visible. The necessary net of economical and political relations among countries implies that knowledge shouldn’t and couldn't ever be 100 % shown to public by it's fullness and completeness. The first ones to mold or manipulate the IT tend to be in supremacy or in a better strategical stand. Secrecy acquires strategical aspects. IT is a raw material.

 Net could be the paradox to a knowledge that wants to be submersed now facing the metaphor of human potential and consolidated choices by the extension and sharing of knowledge, data and information. It could be the utopia in present and the next day a reality in future. Could be the demonstration that now it’s inevitable not to contact with other cultures, and potentially the hypothesis that in the future it’s almost certain a contact with other beings beyond earthlings (if human civilisation do not choke by it's own behaviours).

 It could be either the demanding for a turn over mankind's stressed errors, either a dream that vanishes by the blow of nature's and human cruelty, but also may be the lighthouse that would guide human condition to the hypothesis of making possible the existence of other choices and paths.

If that possibility would stand real by it's concept of tangible existence, human future could be viewed not as an abyss but as a potential materialised notion of a better evolution in terms of ethics, social behaviours, in terms of the good "idea" of mankind.

 Still, the other IT as the cruel force that rules nature and universe which scared hominids in ancient times , was reckoned by culturalization and was interpreted by Shopenhauer as the essence that inhabit every biological and non biological existence, would always be present because universe is much more older than human species and still, human species have to face a great quest in their path of surviving and becoming navigators of the universe.

But mankind is being learning how to control that same forces that act separately from one's interventions, yet, is a young child touching the universe.

 Extraterrestrial beings might be an antithesis for what is considered reality as a pushing force that molds humanity's behaviour. Are extraterrestrials made of the same essence present in Darwin’s selection biology, and made by the cruel IT that lives in every biology baptised by Shopenhauer? Or somehow they've learned to control it?

They could represent maturity and responses for certain paradoxal questions and interrogations, that’s why their concept is so appellative, because indeed mankind wants to leave the chrysalis. They could be a lighthouse similar to God as we are gods to animals in-spite they don't see us like that.

 Earthly speaking, only humans could conceive an entity that would represent the supreme degree of ourselves, or may I say, our own future and utopia - The Non-satisfaction of human condition. Metaphorically speaking, it's a question of learning and evolving by a ping-pong communication, a dialogue that bursts, implementing culture and a person's inner self with many perspectives and sharing.

 It is commonly believed, and I will not discuss other possibilities, as they are extremely complex, that in history mankind is exclusively communicating with them-self increasing the spectre of perspectives and bursting culture and evolution by interacting with different cultures and civilisations.

Empires were built by assimilating different knowledge of different cultures. Trading, economics and arts were the "pings" that had increase either positively on relatively pacific ways, either by warfare and conqueror pragmatic ways - a concept inevitably associated with the biological side of human race, IT – obtaining civilisation's upgrade, sophistication and modernisation. It’s an open door to expand bounds and limits of higher achievements.

 Human civilisation is hunger to communicate with external perspectives. Hunger to ping for a radical dialogue; to learn more to not persistevily fall on it's own errors and mistakes. Like a lonely child, humans try to meta-communicate in pursuit of an enlightened path or try to pursuit the clarification for a better utilisation of knowledge. At least some are trying and believing in that hypothesis.

Similar when in times, men were the sea adventurers and discoverers, as Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, were the masters of navigation, contacting different unknown civilisations as Japan, Africa, Americas, sailing and travelling unimaginable distances.

But that is not totally true as other civilisations had previously contacted different cultures and established trade and commerce as also as unimaginable distances were already sailed opening doors to future generations. Also, the poetry of making contact with other cultures was far from being only the marvellous of trading culture with different perspectives and knowledge. It wasn't simply exotically. 

 It will or was for sure a paradigm if mankind had been or will in future be contacted by an extraterrestrial civilisation. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is a sci-fi story that metaphors that paradigm.


The Day the Earth Stood Still

 IT as an abstract question may represent the relevant hypothesis implying the possibility that an alien civilisation was, is, or will be in contact with us.

If was or is being established contact with extraterrestrial beings, there's the possibility that archaeological signs had been left on several places of the universe, including our galaxy, solar system and also our earth and moon.

 Present theories say that life is not scarce neither is the exception in terms of probabilities of existing in the universe as it's being said. It simply can't be supported anymore because not only the known universe is so incredibly humongous, but also the immeasurable size of the unknown universe could be astonishing to geocentric preconceived thoughts. The metaphor of the iceberg is again effective. Drake’s equation supports the chance of potential habitable planets and panspermia supports the idea of life being carried by comets on a space travel inter-rail, like a dry seed is carried in the wind. Kerala Red Rain is shown as a phenomenon that supports the relevance of that hypothesis. Life was carried from a comet and "blood" of micro-organisms rained over the region of Kerala in India painting the water and the ground with tinny reddish, yellowish, blackish cells without DNA, yet, not a subject with the certainty of a fact. Take a look at Dr. Godfrey Louis site- Here.  

A single grain viewed with a transmission electron microscope, purportedly showing a detached inner capsule. - Kerala Rain – Wikipedia

 Independently from this theories, evolution should have occurred on several points of the universe as millions of seeds tend reach fertile soil at least in more than one spot – vegetable “strategies” evolve in that way, and therefore civilisation as a structured net of intelligent beings is a most relevant possible hypothesis in other corners of the universe. Geocentric ideas cannot be assumed as certain nowadays. Science simply cannot turn it's back to the fact that universe is unknown and that a unknown number of biological seeds or chemical formula took place in several places, so largely numbered, at least so enough numbered to proportionate life growth on more than on planet or corner of the universe as much as earth life conditions were gathered.

 On an extreme hypothesis, by a infinite perspective of the universe, God is the supreme manifestation of that evolution, the universe itself, still growing. Could it be? With so suffer, despair, on these lonely and fragile creatures that have their own notion of living in an absurd of existence confined to the need for survival and reproduction, to perish on the nothingness of death? The light of a candle that dies in the next second? The void of entropy by the turmoil of birth and death cycling, touching finally the inevitable extinction of our species, burning the possibility of a sequence?

 Are we separate civilisations that are battling to survive but ultimately face their own destruction without even have the chance to know the responses for the multiple "whys" that define the paradox of existence and it's inner knowledge as human conditions? Or does every young civilisation face this condition?

It would be very sad if Mankind would not pursuit the search of communication, at least to not feel alone in the vast silent and cold universe. Or, there is some hidden knowledge about that communication that already took place? A two side question is certain: The last hypothesis is a preferential choice as to keep hope alive by the unknown IT, but also the conspiracy assertion that governments are factually not honest about truth and information is totally true. So, a preferential choice to comfort human condition as a theory of conspiracy, are equally balanced by the fact that governments hide something, a lot, about war, politics, economics, experiences, and could be also, extraterrestrial beings? - A paradox, a very delicate paradox.

 In my opinion, both hypothesis of this paradox have balanced odds to be true, at least some truth of it. Two sides of the same coin.

 The hypothesis of existing archaeological extraterrestrial traces on other planets is relevant, even applied in the moon or earth. It cannot be erased, but the assertion that the "object" shown on several Apollo missions is the same alleged spaceship on retiredafb's videos, is false. I believe also that an assertion when considered the keystone of an argument has to give reasonable and plausible clues, if false; the whole argumentation allegations simply collapse. It's not reasonably possible to continue facing retiredafb's allegations as genuine or true. Ufology cannot be sustained just by the hypothesis and only from it it’s consolidation of a fact - it has to be plausibly and generally accepted - solid steps have to be made.

 The reason for the creation of this web page discussing this controversy is related to the fact that ufology paradox is such a controversial question that every step should be taken very seriously with extreme precaution. Far from it I'm not a scientist, not even a draft of it. I used my tools to demonstrate that a dogma or a fundamentalist assertion cannot help the search for truth, or simply, it does not gather the tools to face the most paradoxal, controversial, polemical question of all times - our existence and other existences in the universe and the bombastic experience of contacting, it’s inevitability for our growth as a young intelligent species.

 Cheers all


José Pedro Gomes