Apollo 20 - Pseudo Spaceship - The Controversial Videos

  • Topics:

    • First, one saw the allegated videos of the spaceship. After, one confirms the presence of an object on the lunar surface 

    • It is intringuing and disturbing to noticest that there is indeed on several perspectives, this peculiar form, that resemblances the induced spaceship.

      Correlation between the controversial videos and the incentivation to interpretate the alusive and peculiar form captured on several photographs. 


    (The Controversial Videos II - In Deep Focus / The Controversial Videos III - All videos) constructing...

  • I consider fundamental to noticest that in general, the allegated Apollo 20 videos were the first reference people have seen.
  • The induced forms seen on these videos were the first step to immediatly construct the same image from the real photographs of the lunar surface area referenced.
  • The confirmation of the visual presence of an "object" on the same area mentioned on the videos, gives the case congruence and plausibility. The Key-stone of it.
  • The videos have fusioned realistic and obviously fictional parts.
  • There are at least two diferent scale models of the spaceship.

3 stills metric photography made by alexei leonov during the last revolution before descent on the Izsak Y Crater. More details visible than the apollo 15 panoramic shot. ( http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apo... ) Check also the flyover TV feed during this revolution - video note by Retiredafb

TV Feed from the lunar module LM-15 during the last revolution before descent. LM passes over Tsiolkovski, Fermi, Delporte and Lukte before passing on the Izsak Y crater. The spaceship is filmed with close telephoto lens, revealing more details. CDR communicates the South -East coordinates of the major parts of the spaceship, approximately 4 kilometers long. Color distortions are caused by the rotating wheel inside the Westinghouse Color TV Camera - video note by Retiredafb

CSM 16mm footage through the AGC lens, made by Leona Snyder $& lunar orbit revolutions. Camera is fixed on the eyepiece of the telescope, less dropouts or moves than the Tv feed from the LM. Frame transfer is not perfect,speed is faster than actual, 4 different speeds were used on the 16 mm camera. The landing site is visible on the lower right part in the first lunar sequence. sorry for the first viewers and commenters, i had to upload again with a better codec - video note by Retiredafb

  • These 3 videos were made by retiredafb, the auto-called William Rutledge, one of the hypothetical members of the crew of the allegued continued Apollo 20.
  • "William Rutledge" was then interviewd by Mr. Luca Scantanburlo. Some conspiracy theories came from the hypothesis someone was damaging the authenticity of the videos mixing them with false parts, wich lighted again it's plausibility, giving them temporary justification for the obvious contradictions
  • The interview may be seen on Mr. Luca's site: here.