Welcome back to Elizabeth and Emmanuel's tarp project site!  In March and early April, Emmanuel and I raised money to buy tarps for Haitian families.  We had read that, 40 percent of displaced Haitians still did not have tarps or tents.  We used the money you gave us to buy wholesale tarps here, which we took with us to Haiti.  We took all the tarps we could efficiently take on the plane, and then we bought more tarps in Haiti so that we could use your money to deliver the greatest number of tarps possible.
While we were there, we worked with two local neighborhood organizations to make sure that the most vulnerable families received our tarps.  We took the tarps to the families, and we built shelters using the tarps, twine, and trees or poles.  The process of distributing the tarps to families was difficult because many families needed tarps, but our supplies were limited.  Those to whom we gave tarps were usually families, often with some sort of complicating factor like a disability or an absent parent.  The neighborhood organizations we worked with made sure that our tarps were getting to those most in need.
In the picture abvoe, we are distributing our first tarp to a woman named Alicia, a single mother of two kids.  Alicia had a small business of  tiny wares she sold on a street corner.  Having this tarp meant she could keep her merchandise and children dry.  See the slideshow below for more pictures from our trip.
The trip was truly difficult and wonderful at once.  The people of Haiti are so beautifully resilient.   It's almost disturbing how resilient they are.  As one community organizer told us, "Haitians are doing what they have always done.  Making do with what they have."  And it's heartbreaking and heartwarming to see.  Emmanuel and I are working on several ideas for future projects.  Your donation was put to good use, and we are really grateful you made our distribution of tarps possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to write to me at elizabethmauldin@gmail.com.  Thank you.      --Elizabeth
P.S. I apologize for not updating pictures or blogposts from Haiti.  Although there were cybercafes, electricity was more often down than up, and none of the cybercafes had wireless.  Sorry to those of you who checked for updates!
 Please email me with any questions: elizabethmauldin@gmail.com.