What some of my clients and colleagues would like you to know…

Lady Lea's readings are truly inspirational. I've experienced positive shifts in my life because she sees the highest potential in any situation and then encourages me to go for it. If you're wondering what your next step should be, Lady Lea will help you see it clearly.
Santa Barbara, CA

"Lady Lea is a keen observer of human nature and uses the Cards to complement and enhance her perceptivity.   She brings a compassionate and nurturing kindness to her readings that both heals and empowers, along with her experienced savvy.  It is well worth having Lady Lea as a life guide!"
- James Wanless (Voyager Tarot Creator)

Throughout many readings I had with Lady Lea, I have perceived in her amicable tone a true human aspect of any particular situation. I am glad that all her recommendations have been provided with deep knowledge and understanding of her card configurations. My life has evolved in the past two years with amazing speed and incredible life opportunities. I have to thank Lady Lea for providing  her remarkable support with professionalism and human candor. Thanks Lady Lea and can't wait to see you soon!
R. V. 
New York, NY

Lady Lea read my cards at Raoul's restaurant. Lady Lea and the cards where right on and most of what she said was also my own predictions towards the future. I definitely plan to have future Tarot readings with Lady Lea.           
New York City, NY

Number 1: Always look at the future with hope, wonderment and optimism.
My experience: Shortly after my first reading with Lady Lea at Raoul's restaurant on Feb 14th, 2009, I flew back to Los Angeles where I live....I reunited with a man I had met once...who I later realized was my soul mate. In June we were engaged. September '09 we got married, June 2010 bought a home and this past August 17th, 2010 we had baby boy!  I feel so fortunate and blessed and I can honestly say I have everything I ever wanted! 
Thank you Lady Lea for helping me along my path and revealing parts of my destiny to me! 
xoxo Mrs. Rochelle Brodin
Sunny CA

Lady Lea is insightful and posed several questions that I will be considering in the next several months. Lady Lea addressed work and personal issues without prying.  Lady Lea's friendly personality made the session enjoyable.
Morristown, NJ

Lady Lea
  • Encouraged me to pursue certain avenues I have been thinking about
  • Put me at ease to handle my issues
  • Gave me hope to continue knowing I can make a positive impact in my future
  • Very sensitive, explanatory, patient with questions
  • Made me feel relaxed
S. M.
Branchburg, NJ

I was told that I must have a Tarot Reading by Lady Lea. Totally awesome experience.  Lady Lea was right on. I have sent friends to see Lady Lea and everyone said she was fantastic.
Alex C.
Brooklyn, NY

I was having dinner with a friend at Raoul's and saw Lady Lea sitting at her table upstairs. I was a real skeptic at first and actually wanted to prove a point to my friend who believed in Tarot readings but Lady Lea really surprised me.  Lady Lea brought up situations when I was growing up and about my relationship 
with my Mother and Father that I had never discussed with anyone.  Lady Lea conducts herself in a very professional manner and is very friendly. I actually told Lady Lea of my initial intentions and apologized to her.
K. L. M.
Manhattan, NY

As someone who has had little experience in Tarot Consultations Lady Lea has enlightened me in ways I never would have imagined.  Lady Lea is patient, insightful and always interesting.
Ewing, NJ

dear lady lea.
it was really good to have you at my party
all my guest loved it you were very good.
if i had another party and needed a tarot card reading i would hire you again
anni koltun
ny, ny

All I can say is WOW!!!
A. J.
New York, NY

I usually have a Tarot Reading with Lady Lea every 3 months. Lady Lea has given me more confidence in achieving my goals and feeling good about myself.  I didn't know you could ask questions and make an action plan to achieve goals. Lady Lea is very easy to talk to.  
V. S. C.
Queens, NY 

I have had my tarot cards read before and actually read Tarot professionally in France. While I was in New York I saw Lady Lea at Raoul's in SoHo and was drawn to her table. Lady Lea is an exceptional Tarot Professional.