Biography - Profiles over 25,000 lives, both famous and infamous, then and now.

BBC News Country Profiles- British Broadcasting Corp. profiles nations of the world.
CIA factbook

CIA Factbook - Provides detailed information on countries of the world including images, maps and flags.

Cool Tools for Schools Web 2.0 - Invent and create with these great Web 2.0 tools!

dictionary dot com - online dictionary, thesaurus, quotations and reference site.
Google maps
Google Maps - Get driving directions and locate addresses around the globe.

Handbook of Texas Online - One easy reference for places, people, and historical facts about the Lone Star State.

InfoPlease - Index to current facts updated daily.

Texas Beyond History - Online virtual museum of Texas History. for Teens -  online portal to US agencies and information for students.


Wikipedia - Comprehensive online wiki-encyclopedia with user-edited content.

WolframAlpha - The Star Trek computational search engine becomes a reality...