About the Library

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Tuesday extended hours till 5:00 pm

Library Staff
Mrs. Hare, Librarian

Mrs. Horne, Assistant Librarian
The TISD library media program strives to cultivate in our students the "desire to know" and the "inspiration to create." Our aim is to help students engage in information-seeking behavior in order to develop the necessary skills to discover, to focus, to understand, to evaluate, and to innovate with the vast body of information available to them in life. We expect that our students will embrace the power and responsibility that accompanies their learning, grow to appreciate reading in its many forms, and become life-long learners.
Library Materials:
Graphing calculators are available for 2-day checkout. Students have take-home access to about 10,000 fiction and non-fiction print books. The library also subscribes to TexQuest reference and research databases with current e-books, online periodicals, magazines and journals that number in the thousands for classroom research or informational reading. Overdrive e-book and audiobook collections are currently being developed, and number in the hundreds.

Reference Services:

A 20-computer lab provides access to digital and online reference materials for students. Ms. Hare, librarian, is available to assist users with researching and using reference sources, and for online homework help, our THS library website is maintained with useful links to online databases and other online services subscribed to by THS.

Project Center:
Project boxes with a variety of traditional classroom project construction supplies are available for students to check out from the library during the school day. Poster boards and other supply essentials are kept in stock in the library for emergency purchase by students. Library computers are available to walk-in students throughout the day for electronic project creation when not reserved by teachers for whole-class instruction.

Library Procedures for Students
Coming to the Library:
If the library is open, you may come before and/or after school. You may come during class and during lunch, but you must have a pass. Lunchtime library passes may be obtained from the front office or from the counseling office.

Check Out Info:
You may have 2 books checked out at one time, three if your account is completely cleared of overdue books and fines. Books are due 15 school days after they are checked out. DON'T FORGET the Date Due Card, so you know when your books are due! There is a 5¢ per day charge for late books.

Using Library Computers:
You may use library computers to work on a school project or assignment. You need to have a pass from your teacher. You must follow all campus TISD internet usage rules. Ask permission before you print.