Reading Is An Adventure

This year we will be teaming up with Tarkington ISD’s summer meal program.  Ms. Ruth will be reading each Monday-Thursday morning at 11 am in the Tarkington Intermediate School cafeteria.  Everyone under 18 years of age is welcome to come in for free lunch and story time, so plan on hanging out with us when you come and get your lunch!

Each Friday at the library this summer, we will be embarking on a new reading adventure!  Come out and dive into a good book; then stick around for an exciting activity.  Starting at 10 am, we will be walking with wizards and racing with boats!

June 30th

Domino’s Pizza Throwing Party

Learn how to throw pizza like they do on the movies!  Join us at 10 am to join in our reading adventure, have some fun, and (of course) eat some free pizza!

July 7th

Rock ‘n Seek: Pokémon

We will be decorating rocks to look like Pokémon then playing a Rock ‘n Seek with them. 

Wear clothes you can paint in!

Each aspiring trainer will get to keep the rock that he or she decorates as a souvenir! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

July 14th


We will be visited by Buddy and talk about healthy eating and keeping active.  Healthy snacks will be served!  Click HERE for more information on H-E-Buddy.

July 21st

Catch the Buzz!

What’s all the buzz about?  We are being visited by the Liberty County Beekeepers. They will be bringing an observation hive (fully enclosed hive with no possibility of bees escaping) and show us all the fascinating things that the bees do where we can’t see! 

July 28th

Camp Read-a-Lot

Bring your pillows and your sleeping bags! Wear your Jammies!  Join us for our annual Camp Read-A-Lot from 10-2.  Each child needs to bring a sack lunch, and we will provide a snack. We will be reading books from here and books from home.  Have a book you want to request that we read? Bring it!

August 4th

Dairy Day at the Library

The Southwest Dairy Farmers will be bringing their mobile classroom to TCL to do a demonstration of how milk comes to be in our grocery stores. After the demo, we will be making our own butter in jars!  Come on out and see how it is done!

Watch a Video!

August 11th

Bear-y Good Smiles

Beary the Bear from Allstar Dental in Dayton, TX will be coming out to talk to us about all things dental. Come out and join us for a bear-y good time!

June 9th - Visit with a Firefighter
We started our reading program off with a bang!  Thanks to everyone who came out, hope you had fun!  Photos are available on our Facebook and HERE.

June 16th

Boat Safety

With summer under way, many of us are taking to the water.  We had a great time with our local Game Warden, Jake Nixon, and learned all about how to get out there and be safe at the same time this summer.  Check out the photos on Facebook page.

June 23rd

4-H day at the Library

et involved with your local 4H.  We had several 4H groups out here and tell us about their animals and what it is like to be in 4H.  And 4H is not just about animals! The Home Economics department brought cupcakes!  Check out the photos on our Facebook page or HERE.

4-H offers a range of activities for all interests and most ages.  Check out the Liberty County Ag Extension Office Website and find something to interest you or your child.

Get involved with your community! 

Summer Reading Contest

How many books can you read in one summer?

Take your summer reading to the next level with this contest!

The rules are simple. Read the most books in your age group and win a prize (it’s a good prize, we promise).

Readers Under 8

Read a book; draw a picture.

In order for a book to count for a point, the young reader should complete a picture on the provided form and return it with the book.

Readers age 9-11

Read a book; answer a question.

Read your book and complete the questions on the provided form.

Readers age 12-14

Read a book; write a review.

Read your book and complete a book review form or write a book review to be posted on the library website. 


  • Books read for the Summer Reading Contest are eligible to be used again in the summer reading that is being done through Tarkington Middle School.
  • Participant must clearly print both first and last name on the forms (unless your name is Beyonce, Cher, or Eminem).
  • Parents must sign book reviews before they can be posted on website.
  • If your book review is selected to be posted on the website, we will ask you to type it.  Library computers are available for this purpose.