Ms. Neva's Book Club

Ms. Neva's Book Club is currently reading Walk In My Soul, by Lucia St. Clair Robson.  Each week, our library director reads from the current book for about ninety minutes (2-3 chapters).  Join us for frontier adventure and historical drama!

Walk in My Soul is the story of Tiana Rogers of the Cherokee, the young Sam Houston, and the Trail of Tears.

Tiana grew up learning the magic, spells, and nature religion of the Cherokee. In a tribe that revered the life force that was female, she became a beloved woman—priestess, healer, and teacher.

Known as the "father of Texas," the young Sam Houston ran away on a lark from his family's general store in Maryville, Tennessee, to live among the Cherokee. He hunted and played ritual games with the men, was adopted as a headman's son and was known as "Raven."

Houston falls in love with Tiana, but due to their differing racial and cultural backgrounds, conflict ensues.

Meeting Time:

Tuesdays from 1 pm - 2:30 pm