Library Board

                                                        Ruth Stetson                     Sandy Rice                     Reba Kirchner                               
                                                       Library Director / Board President              Vice President                       Secretary

                                                  Charlotte Breazeale                Brenda Pruswell                Denette Gray        
                                                              Member                                      Member                                Member

                                                        Deanne Hare                   Mary Jo Havard                                
                                                                            Member                                    Member                                



   Laura Hebert
                                Kitrina Barnes           
          Head Librarian                                        Children's Librarian                   

    Carolyn Lewis
             Tarkington Prairie Historical Society Representative

Community members are welcome at any open meeting of the library board, either as observers or to present information and concerns to the board.  Any member of the public who wishes to speak to the board is asked to register upon arrival, indicate group affiliation (if speaking on behalf of anyone other than self), and to limit comments and general information to five minutes unless time is granted by a board member. 

Library administrators and the board welcome written documentation to support comments, but written documents are not required.  Any group or individual wishing to place a library-related item on the official agenda for action should contact the library director or head librarian one week in advance.

Board Meetings take place the first Tuesday of each quarter unless otherwise scheduled.