We Like Big Books and We Cannot Lie!

Three Cheers for SHECO!
TCL would like to thank Sam Houston Electric Co-Op for buying us new computers!

Left to Right: 
TCL Library Director, Ruth Stetson; SHECO Board Secretary Kathrine Hardin; SHECO Communications Specialist Rachel Frey; SHECO Chief Communications Officer Keith Stapleton: SHECO Charitable Foundation Board Member Shirley Crump: TCL Librarian, Kasey Fuller

As you know, if you have used our facilities lately, our computers are out of date.  This summer, SHECO awarded us a grant to purchase three new machines!  As part of Operation Round Up, SHECO awards grants to non-profits in their coverage area with funds collected from participating members.  

What is Operation Roundup?
SHECO members can choose to "Round Up" their electric bill each month and the proceeds are used for community improvement grants in the counties served by SHECO.

How Can I Participate?
Visit SHECO's Operation Round Up page and opt in!

What Should You Read Next?

Have you read EVERYTHING from your favorite author?  Stumped about what to read next?  Check out these sites that recommend authors based on which authors you already like to read!
Library Thing
LibraryThing is a powerful online book-cataloging tool. Non-members can browse the lists and suggestions but in order to take advantage of the massive catalog of millions of books and the tastes of their owners you should really sign up and enter in some of your favorites to build a personal virtual library.
GoodReads is a book lover's site with great features like interviews  with authors, book trivia, book swap events, and more. Most notable however are the lists. We're not talking lists of questionable quality by one person, we're talking lists compiled with the inputs of thousands and thousands of users.
Tourist Map of Literature is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) interface that visually shows users how similar the style of a writer is to the styles of other writers.  Powered by gnod.org, Tourist map of Literatures is an on-going process that changes with the information that is added by users 

TCL Public Calendar

EXTRA Special Thanks to Laura Hebert

Laura is a volunteer extraordinaire!  over the last year, she has helped us out through internet conundrums, and rainy days, and dusty boxes, and hyper sugar-fueled toddlers, and heavy shelves, and reorganization craziness.  

We could not do it without her, and we cannot properly express our gratitude (we tried; we used a thesaurus and everything)!

Laura has volunteered more than 100 hours in 2018 and we are only part-way through the year!

We've gotten fancy!
Have you picked up your new library card?

As of February 1, 2018, we have a new automated catalog - and that means you need a new library card!

Your new card enables you to access our catalog to place holds, renew books, and give us feedback on how we are doing.  

Download our library card application here, and check out our catalog!