Mailing list

The Taringa Neighbourhood Group keeps in contact using an email mailing list.

This page describes the members' email mailing list. If you only want to contact a representative of the group, please contact the committee.


To join the email mailing list go to the mailing list page and sign in and apply for membership. If you run into problems, please don't give up: simply contact the Webmaster and ask them to add you to the list.

Since we are a community, every mailing list member can know who else is a member and their email address. The email mailing list service does not expose your details beyond the mailing list membership.

Note: the mailing list page is at!forum/taringaneighbourhood (just in case the above link does not work).

Sending emails to the group

To send an email to everyone in the group, send an email to:

Note: Only members of the mailing list can send emails to the mailing list.

Replying to emails from the group

When replying to an email that came from the mailing list, use these commands in your email program:

to reply to just the author of the email (and no other email address)
Reply All
to reply to everyone in the mailing list (which obviously also includes the author)

Take care, because it is very embarrassing to send a personal reply to everyone in the list. Sending a reply to just the author when you intended it to go to the list is less embarrassing, but it is still not what you wanted to do.

The mailing list's actual email address is, which you will see when you reply to the list. It works the same as the above email address.  The email address is forwarded to the email address.


All emails sent to the group are archived (i.e. kept forever).

Although they are not publically published, all current and future members of the email mailing list can go to the mailing list page to read all archived emails.

You need to sign in to access the archives. If you got the committee to add you to the mailing list (i.e. you did not sign in and applied for membership through the Web site), you probably do not have an account yet: in which case, use the "Create an account now" link and use the email address you are using with the list.


Please use meaningful subject titles in your emails, and reply to emails whenever possible so that the archive can keep track of the discussion thread.