I use this story as the METAPHOR for much that has to do with life, and how much is a person willing to take before they say - ENOUGH!

Years ago, I had a friend who was at another friends house for dinner.

It was a family meal, whereby the father had spent much time barbecuing meat and chicken.  He was proud of his feat, and took pride in what he had done. 

During this dinner, the Wife repeatedly complained about the fact that the husband had BURNT THE CHICKEN.

This friend explained that they felt uncomfortable throughout the meal, and had said that it was strange because this other friends parents had recently been going to Marriage Counseling due to the fact that the Mother had finally had enough of the years of extra-marital affairs the father had been having, and finally decided to ask for a divorce. 

I explained that the, "BURNT CHICKEN" represented the years this man had cheated on his wife.  That upon this woman learning of the first affair, she told herself, not unlike that Burnt Chicken, it is only the SKIN that is burnt, I will swallow my pride, and peel off the skin, after all there is still much meat to salvage.

As each affair ensued over the years of this marriage, so, too became the rationalization this woman gave to herself to salvage what was left of the burnt chicken by peeling away burnt layer after burnt layer, until one day - the CHICKEN HAD BEEN BURNT ALL THE WAY TO THE BONE, and THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT TO SALVAGE. 

The Burnt Chicken represented this woman's married life, to this husband who spent their entire marriage cheating on her, and all the pain and suffering she endured as she forgave this man, time and again.

Just because this friends parents were in Marriage Counseling, did not wipe away the years this woman swallowed her pride and stayed with this this man.  Just because this husband was being attentive after years of neglect, did not erase the years of absence.  Just because this husband took the time to barbecue the meat and chicken, this woman - saw that BURNT CHICKEN as the METAPHOR to HER LIFE WITH THIS CHEATING MAN, and CHOSE TO MAKE EVERYONE UNCOMFORTABLE by COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW THE HUSBAND HAD BURNT THE CHICKEN.....

  This is how I feel about being the non consenting, blindsided VICTIM of DOMESTIC TERRORISM.  There is nothing that the other side can say, do, justify, explain, use as their excuse that will EVERY BE SUFFICIENT as a means to excuse the criminal organized acts of sheer Terror, Violence, and Destruction that has been inflicted upon every aspect of my living life.
 WITH EACH HIT I HAVE TAKEN - SO, TOO were the LAYERS of BURNT CHICKEN I was required to PEEL AWAY - NOW, THAT CHICKEN IS BURNT ALL THE WAY TO THE BONE because I do not Forget, and I do not Forgive.