3. TARGETS: Labeled

Then Denied their Rights and Liberties



APPLE - THINK DIFFERENT (1997) Commercial



Neighbor, Friends, Co-Workers/Management, Stranger, Law Enforcement, and Retail Personnel’s unexpected abrupt rudeness, and suspicious mistrust.  Within personal and professional life; sudden loss of relationships along with deceitful approaching, and fishing for personal information – FOR NO REASON?

What to expect:

Established relationships with KNOWN people will suddenly change. 

Their attitudes towards you are that of strangers, or who is this person?  Yet, you have long established relationships with these people, be it personal or professional.

They begin to doubt your character, credibility, integrity, ethics, all the way to who you are.

There will be subtle hints that begin to build; this transpires as the Terrorist Assassin's Psychological Operation Team or Teams, who are experts at selling propaganda and negative false light narratives about the Targeted Individual, will insidiously prey upon the very psyches of their Target Audience, in this case, KNOWN people to you.   This is done to break these KNOWN people down, and manipulate them psychologically into doing whatever these TEAMS ask.

At some point, these KNOWN people will become so angry with you for the most benign incidents, that they strike back in some viscous manner, and you are left to figure out what just happened.   

You will realize later, it was because the Terrorist Assassin's Psychological Operator or Operator's had finally manipulated the very psyches of these KNOWN people in order to break them down, based on all the negative narratives being sold to them.

Once this psychological break takes place, these KNOWN people will begin to deploy various operations at the choosing of the Terrorist Psychological Operator’s – and once again, you are left to wonder, What Just Happened?

In reference to STRANGERS not known to the Targeted Individual – the job for the Terrorist Assassin Psychological Operation Team or Team’s deploying psychological manipulation upon the psyches of the Target Audiences aka Potential Civilian Groups, Organizations, Agencies, Corporations, and many other entities, is even easier, since these UNKNOWN strangers have no connection to the Targeted Individual.

Therefore, these Terrorist Assassin Propaganda Team or Teams can design any number of negative protocols or narratives about the Targeted Individual, which suits the fears, intolerance's, or hate, which is then used against the target audience aka citizen population, and will deploy these narratives to prey upon the weaknesses of these unknown strangers in order to break their psyches and recruit them into action.

NOTE:  This may not be the case of all Recruits’.  Some may have been bribed, promised something they wanted, blackmailed, threatened, or terrorized into participation. 

Yet, I have found for myself, the majority of Civilian Recruits are voluntary, and as such have acted based upon the Propaganda and Negative False Light Narratives these Terrorist Assassin Psychological Operation Team or Team's presented to them. 

You may have been given a website for a Social Network to view, with what appears to be the Known or Unknown person ME, there may be fabricated posting , compromising, or possibly derogatory: photos, videos, recordings and/or words that are not yours.  Basically, you will have another human being impersonating you, giving the false impression that it is you because of the similarities. 

The following is something I have since found, there are two females, or possibly the same female who appear to be impersonating me. 

The Female Voice can be heard at: 2:00.27 two hours into the show -  - Has almost the same voice, and vocal mannerisms and inflections of words that I do.  Some of the series of sentences are words that I have used in some form or the other since my Targeting.  Almost like recordings of my voice, and words are being mimicked back to me.


This is a visual of someone who posted to the internet, that has a close resemblance to me, but is not me.  My guess would be this was posted to further DISCREDIT ME - not just within the general public, but also within the Targeted Individual communities that are popping up due to the increase of Targeted Victims.


What Targeted Individual's and Potential Recruits MUST remember about these ARCHITECTURAL OPERATIONS and the State and Corporate Sponsored TERRORIST ASSASSIN TEAM OR TEAMS that implement them. 

"The People" are nothing more than a means to their ends.  Just another: Job, Operation, Recruitment and/or Training Session, and/or Laboratory to experiment with, and/or calibrate and develop their Weaponized Technologies, and seek to study the Human Bio-Effects of the Targeted Individual's for the purpose of FUTURE Crowd Control/Mass Subjugation.

At the end of the day... these Architectural Operations, and the State and Corporate Sponsored Terrorist Assassin Team or Teams that Implement them are Indifferent to the Total Destruction of  Human Lives, and their Human Connections. 

They make decisions to destroy based on fabricated information from the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, then deploy and execute: Warrantless and Due Process FREE Operations against the Targeted Individual/s and/or the Citizen's being recruited to carry out acts of Targeted Terrorism for them. 


For the Targeted Individual these Compromises are used to get them LABELED in some fashion, so they can be SILENCED in one form or the other.

For the Citizen Recruit's: They will Compromise these Citizen Recruit's by manipulating them into committing various criminal acts of Terrorism, to Deny or Deprive the Targeted Individual of their Rights and Liberties, so that each recorded act of criminality or violation of Rights and Liberties can be recorded against the Citizen Recruit, Organization, and/or Group, so this information can be used to coerce them into continued support and acts against the NEXT Targeted: Individual, Group, Organization, and/or Corporation.