"The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored because it cannot survive their being repeated."  - Justice Robert H. Jackson, Chief U.S. Prosecutor, Nuremberg Trials


In order to better understand what most Targeted Individual's who, without their consent are forced into these Human Subject Experimental Protocols, IF NOT FUTURE EXTERMINATION PROJECTS - while having their rights and liberties obstructed, denied and deprived.

One only needs to go back as far as Nazi, Germany prior to the WWII, and then during the War - to see how the German People of their own Country, were willing to SACRIFICE and EXTERMINATE THEIR OWN - before they could CRUSADE TO MASSACRE and EXTERMINATE OTHERS IN THE MILLIONS. 

Hitler first started the Sterilization, then Extermination project on his own people, or what he considered a Blight upon Society, those "Undesirables" who did not contribute to Society.

From: Wikipedia

"Life unworthy of life" (in German: "Lebensunwertes Leben") was a Nazi designation for the segments of populace which had no right to live and thus were to be "euthanized". The term included people with serious medical problems and those considered grossly inferior according to racial policy of the Third Reich, This concept formed an important component of the ideology of Nazism and eventually helped lead to the Holocaust.[1]

How the killing was carried out is described in the article, Action T4Aktion T4) was the name used after World War II[1] for Nazi Germany's eugenics-based "euthanasia" program during which physicians killed thousands of people who were "judged incurably sick, by critical medical examination"

  Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring
(1) Congenital Mental Deficiency,
(2) Schizophrenia,
(3) Manic-Depressive Insanity,
(4) Hereditary Epilepsy,
(5) Hereditary Chorea (Huntington’s),
(6) Hereditary Blindness,
(7) Hereditary Deafness,
(8) Any severe hereditary deformity.

Any person suffering from severe alcoholism may be also rendered incapable of procreation"

Once the German Citizen's were willing to EXTERMINATE their own, between 1933 - 1939 German Medical Professional's Exterminated prior to WWII - between 200K - 500K of their OWN PEOPLE - it became that much easier to exterminate, "OTHER PEOPLE' after that. 

In a form of Desensitizing, after all, if they were willing to EXTERMINATE their OWN PEOPLE - they would not have AN ISSUE - EXTERMINATING OTHER PEOPLE IN THE MILLIONS


The following about Nazi S.S Dr. Josef Mengele the "Angel of Death", will better describe the nature of what these State, Corporate, and Educational Sponsored Terrorist have been doing to the Targeted Individuals, today.

Before you read further, first read the following article about this, "Angel of DEATH."

Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele

Most Target's are fully aware of the ATROCITIES conducted in various experiments in the Concentration Camps during Nazi, Germany, by Dr. Josef Mengele, and other medical professionals under the guise of the Greater Good, Creating, Eugenics and the Master Race, Research, Development, in addition to Expanding Science and Medicine, to discover new methods of treatment for their soldiers, and/or scientific and military purposes. 

Today, they call it Cognitively Enhancing the War-Fighter, Cognitively and Biologically Impairing the Enemy, Human-Brain Computer Interfaces, Biometric Recognition Capabilities, Behavioral Modifications via Transcranial (outside the brain) or Intra-Cranial (implants) Magnetic Simulations, Neuro-Cognitive Pharmacological, Psycho-Traumatology, No Touch Torture, Enhanced Interrogations, and non kinetic/non lethal direct energy weapons, to be used as a non lethal method for crowd control and/or mass subjugation. 

The Spin Doctors' of today, and their Talking Point Narratives are experts at Re-branding such ATROCITIES, to make them sound so much more Benin than the NAZI Doctor's used to justify their torturous crimes.

Because of these atrocities, various human rights mandates, to include non consenting human experimentation have been written throughout the world.  To include; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Section 7. the Declaration of Helsinki, Nuremberg Code, The Belmont Report, The National Commission for Biomedical and Behavioral Research, Title 45 Code of Federal Regulation in the United States, known as the Common Rule, all the way down to State Laws prohibiting human experimentation without fully informed consent.

In the case of these State, Corporate, and Educational Biological-Technological Terrorist's in the 21st Century with access to these cutting edge, military grade neurological and biological-technological weapons, there is NO DIFFERENCE between the TWO.  

In fact, if anything, these individual's involved today... make Dr. Josef Mengele, and his Medical cohorts appear to be a Patron Saints.  

This is how Insidiously violent these illegal, non consenting human experiments being conducted today, without the consent of the Targeted, Law Abiding, Unarmed, and Defenseless Individual feels. 

Like any Prisoner of War, someone being held Hostage, or Thrown into Slavery to be Brutalized by the latest Sadistic Psychopaths' - without their consent, and against their will; as a myriad of experimental protocols are being inflicted by unethical, serial killing individual's with access to various military grade weaponized nano/neurotechnologies, non kinetic/non lethal direct energy weapons arsenal, cutting edge biometric technologies; as they fire shot, after shot at the defenseless Target who has NO FIREWALLS to protect themselves from these type of biological-technological weapons - just to see the Human Effects of what their Weapons can do.

By and large, the NEGATIVE RESPONSES coming from the Targeted Individual's is based on absolute TORTURE, TERROR and TRAUMA - who have all come forward to ALL PROPER AUTHORITIES during their Targeting,  obstructed from seeking justice, denied, and deprived their rights and liberties under the rule and color of law. 

In addition, to being labeled and have been accused of making things up because such technologies do not exist - due to the Tainted Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine.  Which is sold to the Target Audiences aka General Public in order to manipulate them into participation and/or silent complicity. 

This in turn, causes the Targeted Individual to NEVER be treated in an equal, un-biased, and non prejudicial manner, which is in direct violation of these Targeted Individual's fundamental rights and liberties guaranteed to ALL - 

Therefore, the Targeted Individual's who are the victims of these modern day science, neurological, biological-technological human subject experimentation's without their consent, not unlike the surviving victim's of sheer brutality at the hand of their, "Angel of Death, Dr. Joseph Mengele" - 

Are demanding today, the exact same things, the Jewish people of yesteryear, wanted as well.  

Which is, to have... the Criminal's who conducted such barbaric, non consenting human subject research experiments: to be hunted down, brought before a criminal justice system,
(the following is not what the Jewish people wanted - but what this American Citizen wants)
in the hopes these Monster's will be Tortured, Executed, and for those who believed they could play GOD with the human lives of other human beings, to be Nailed and Impaled on Crosses of their Delusional Noble Projects, for the heinous and egregious crimes against humanity they were willing to commit, against law abiding, defenseless, non-consenting American Targeted Individual's, and now... International Human Target's.

Just to give you an idea of the History of Human Experimentation - in particular the United States Government via the Department of Defense, and CIA -

Target's need to give Thanks to the person who put together this website to show this history. 

Starts in the 1700's and ends in 2003 - but since then - ALL TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S are FULLY AWARE of what has followed - It is the 21st Century Arms Race in Cognitive Nano-Neurotechnologies, and Domination of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. 

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