Definition of Dark Ecstasy:

“Dark ecstasy is the spirituality of the Illuminati, and a force that has, to a lesser degree, been implanted into humans, whereby humans have a capacity to develop spiritual euphoria surrounding artistic experiences of genuine sadomasochism, death and murder, war, pain, and so forth. Dark ecstasy’s spiritual euphoria becomes addictive, and it is triggered by art-forms in the world. It is the opposite experience as one has when ocean surf transports one to spiritual joy and levity.” 

-Jeffrey Grupp

I am not into the conspiracy of the Illuminati, Satanic Worshipers, Aliens, nor the New World Order.  Save these concepts, what you have is the EXACT description of what ALL RECRUIT'S to this State and Corporate sponsored Terrorist Organization - TRULY FEEL at the SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION upon every single, microscopic aspect to their Scapegoated aka Human Sacrifice better known as the Targeted Individual's and their human lives.   

Like the NEED to feed with Parasites - this Cult Driven Terrorist Organization and their Citizen Recruit's need to feed their addiction to this Dark Ecstasy, by way of SLOW-KILL and SLOW COOK upon every aspect of the Targeted Individual's human life.  The more destruction that takes place upon and against the Targeted Individual's human life, the more these Parasites get their FIX and Feelings of Dark Ecstasy.  

As such, these Recruit's become ADDICTED to that feeling, as they witness, or participate in more and more destruction to the human life of the Targeted Individual.  The more violent, heinous, egregious, degrading, dehumanizing the acts these Cult members can inflict against their Human Sacrifice aka Targeted individual's the MORE EUPHORIA these Cult members feel.  

In order to feed their addition to these HUMAN SACRIFICE'S aka TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S - these Parasites, will go out of their way to set up the target's to fail, will feel nothing but pure joy when the Targeted Individual loses family, friends, and other personal relationships, loses their job, loses their homes, is evicted, is terrorized out of the community, is made to have a vehicle accident, loses something of value to them, sustains some type of loss or damage, either to person or property.  \

The more NEGATIVE the ACTS against their HUMAN SACRIFICE - the MORE their DARK ECSTASY is - 

Should the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S DIE from the wounds these Parasites have inflicted, the more pure and concentrated the Dark Ecstasy Fix becomes.  

With every act of destruction, loss, damage - becomes a FRENZY to FEED by this CULT DRIVEN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, and their BOTTOM FEEDING CITIZEN RECRUITS.  The more destruction they can cause to the Human Life of the Targeted Individual's the more DARK ECSTASY these PARASITES feel.  

FROM THIS POINT - THE CULT IS BORN - here are some examples of how this type of CULT THINKING 

Targeted Individual's are dealing with CULT DRIVEN thinking, whereby, the Terrorist Perp's are recruited into the fold of this Domestic Terrorist Organization, and brainwashed into believing it is their duty to DESTROY the human lives of those placed on the list for Extermination by these State and Corporate Organized Terrorist's.

I liken "Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment" to the 21st Century mixed version of past Cult leader like: Charles Manson, Rev. Jim Jones, and Hitler where this American Terrorist Organization picks and chooses the ideologies from these three Cult Leaders, in order to recruit their members into this Cult Driven Terrorist Organization.  

Upon recruitment, these American citizen sleeper cells can then be called upon at anytime, to STRIKE OUT AGAINST someone their TERRORIST'S LEADER'S, HAVE PLACED ON THE LIST FOR EXTERMINATION, and who happens to move into their neighborhood, their towns, starts working for their companies, shops in their stores, attends their churches, or is involved their communities.  

Similar to the McCarthy Era of Blacklisting, or the Nazi Days of Stripping Citizens of their Rights and Personhood, so too is this American Terrorist Organization in the 21st Century, and the Leader's who Target law abiding citizens, for Extermination.  

Not unlike all human extermination's and cleansing's, the powers behind it need TARGET PRACTICE, and DEVOUT BRAINWASHED RECRUITS to help them fulfill their Extermination of Targeted Human Beings.

As such, these Terrorist Leader's have chosen for TARGET PRACTICE: older, law abiding, defenseless human Targets, most Targeted Individuals are between the ages of 40 - 65 years.  What better way to recruit, and train their American Terrorist Sleeper Cells, than to use, what these Terrorist Leader's considered, nobodies and expendables, not unlike Collateral Damage, whereby these Terrorist Leader's believe their ends will justify their means by which they have DESTROYED innocent human lives. 

What safer way to train your future human exterminator's, than to deconstruct and destroy older people, whom these Terrorist Leader's knew would seek out the justice system as a means to STOP the TERRORIST ACTIVITIES being inflicted upon and against every aspect of their living lives - as opposed to armed conflict, which some violent criminals' would use, as such, would have placed their Terrorist Sleeper Cell Trainee's in danger.  

Basically, you can't train your recruit's using the type of violence these Terrorist Leader's have told their recruits to inflict against the scapegoated Targeted Individual's, upon actual and literal violent criminal's - they might FIRE BACK. 

Therefore, Targeted Individual's become the first victims in the American Genocide Project by way of:  THE TARGET'S DEATHS.  And, due to the LITERAL FACT that these Target's came FORWARD to ALL PROPER AUTHORITIES, to complain about their Blacklisting and the Extermination Project, and where literally denied and deprived their Equal Rights, Equal Protection, and Equal Justice, under the Rule and Color of Law. 

In addition, these same brainwashed Terrorist Perp's also feel nothing, save JOY at the literal destruction and/or death towards the Targeted Individual's human lives, based on their Brainwashed beliefs, which is tantamount to a HATE CRIME.... CRUSADE. 

The MOST IRONIC, if not altogether PATHETIC is that the Target's are not connected to these Cult Driven Terrorist Perps. 

They have no personal, private, or professional connection to these terrorist's
, meaning, 99% of the Recruited Terrorist Perp's are literal STRANGERS to the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S.  Yet these total strangers' feel they have the deluded right to interfere with the living lives of people their Terrorist Leader's instruct them to STRIKE OUT AGAINST.  

What this shows is that the leader's from within, have decided to DECLARE WAR on the United States Constitution, and the Rule and Color of Law that mandates this document, by way of having their Recruited Terrorist's Perps go about breaking the laws, committing acts of intimidation and terrorism, hate crimes, obstructing justice, vandalizing, breaking and entering, depriving and denying a Targeted Fellow Citizen, of their fundamental, basic rights and liberties.  

Therefore, these Cult Driven Terrorist Perp's have made it their mission, if not on a literal CRUSADE, to insinuate themselves into other people's personal, private, and professional lives, based on the NEGATIVE FLASE LIGHT NARRATIVES sold to them by their TERRORIST LEADER'S, and then believe they have a right destroy that Targeted Individual's living life through BLATANT DISREGARD AND in DEFERENCE TO THE RULE OF LAW, AND THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.  

The acts committed by this American Terrorist Organization, coming from State and Corporate America, are some of the most insidious HATE CRIMES committed against a Fellow citizen and human being, in modern day.

 NOT COMING FROM THE stereo type perception of gangs with guns. drug cartels, and other violent criminal's - These WHITE and BLUE COLLAR TERRORIST'S, who hide behind their Armani Suits, their Luis Vuitton Briefcases, their college educations, their so called expertise, their licenses to practice, or to carry, but who blatantly abuse their positions of power, in order to pursue their goal, obtain their objectives, and ultimately profit from: At the LITERAL EXTERMINATION of the LAW ABIDING, DEFENSELESS TARGETED INDIVIDUAL'S HUMAN LIFE. 

These same Terrorist Leader's will call upon their connections to corporate, educational, political, religious, and/or community leader's and recruit them, to Recruit their member base, to begin the process of SYSTEMIC EXTERMINATION against anyone these State and Corporate sponsored Terrorist's place on their list. 

Today's recruited Citizen Terrorist Perp's also believe they are SOMEHOW A PART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL - SOMETHING UNIQUE, or THEY ARE CHOSEN, THEY ARE THE SPECIAL ONES, and the PEOPLE THEY TARGET ARE LESSOR INDIVIDUAL'S as SUCH THE PROCESS OF DEHUMANIZING THAT TARGET goes into AFFECT.   These American Terrorist Recruits are what appears to be A PART OF A MOVEMENT,  but then again, these words were probably spoken by the likes of Charles Manson, Reverend Jim Jones, and Adolf Hitler -and when their LEADER'S asked them to participate - based on the same false beliefs - their follower's have time and agains been more than willing to commit acts of genocide, extermination, massacres, and to even take their own lives at the behest of their leader's.

Not unlike the American Terrorist Recruit's today, these lost, frightened souls in search of something, or someone - other than themselves,  who are FOLLOWER'S, can easily be psychologically manipulated by dynamic leader's who sell DOGMA to their member base, and then turn around and ask this member base to commit acts that defy humanity.

These frightened, weak followers, who think they are STRONG could literally be psychologically manipulated into Targeting in some of the most violent ways known to man today, an unarmed, defenseless human being, turn around and crusade to DESTROY every aspect of that Target's human live, and literally believe THE TARGET DESERVED to be TREATED in such a degrading, dehumanized manner - NOT DURING NAZI, GERMANY - NOT EVEN DURING THE FLOWER MOVEMENT OF THE 60' - BUT IN THE 21ST CENTURY - AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE - BASED ON WHAT THEIR LEADER'S - TELL THEIR FOLLOWERS - WHAT TRUTH IS -

Like the DANGERS of GROUP THINK - so, too are CULTS - the most famous stories of cult driven to murder or suicide come right out of the United States.  The first being, Charles Manson and his Family - whose followers were majority Caucasian, middle and upper middle class, college graduates, but lost souls nonetheless.  They started with breaking into people's homes, and moving furniture around, to let the owner's and/or occupants know that someone had entered the privacy of their home.  Then Mason instructed his cult members to move into acts of theft, and generally based on a JUST CAUSE.  It accumulated with these brainwashed followers, being instructed to exterminate those they deemed deserved to die.  In the end, they massacred innocent people, to include an actress who was eight months pregnant. 

Then we move to the most infamous, Reverend Jim Jones.  An Evangelical, Pentecost, Apostolic who put aside racism, and drew into his flock, those who were disenfranchised within society.  He made his cult a very multi-cultural group of lost souls, searching for the perfect leader, that leader led 909 people to their deaths. 

Now, we can talk about Hitler, but everyone knows the history of Hitler and his mass murdering regime, that once again, led their people to participate in, or become silent observers in what is tantamount to the extermination of entire classes of people, in the millions.  

The majority of recruits that I have been dealing with are Middle Class, and Upper Middle Class, who are well educated individual's, some of whom are degreed, hence the MANSON FAMILY - Yet within there these Terrorist Leader's will recruit  into the fold, smaller groups of multicultural people, meaning, they come from all walks in terms of ethnic and/or socio-economic backgrounds, hence JONES TOWN FOLLOWER'S.  And, due to these recruits believing they are Elite, Chosen, and better than all the rest - we come to HITLER and his devout group of followers, though he had great respect for the Catholic Church, in terms of their ability to control their member base, it was secondary to his obsession for a MASTER RACE of ELITE PEOPLE -

Targeted Individual's are dealing with the EXACT SAME CULT DRIVEN MINDSET - whereby, a Group of Elites, sell to their members a false belief that they are special, chosen, are elite amongst the rest, have special abilities, who are told their members are above the laws, can do whatever they want in blatant disregard for those laws.  

As such, the 21st Century Leader's within this American Cult Driven Terrorist Organization, basically steal from these Three Cult Leader's, in how best to manipulate their Recruits into their IDEOLOGIES, THEOLOGIES, and DOGMA coming from the likes of: CHARLES MANSON, REVEREND JIM JONES, AND HITLER'S and then get their RECRUIT'S to LITERALLY STRIKE OUT against the Targeted Individuals.


Definition and Explanation of the Word “Cult”

A cult can be either a sharply-bounded social group or a diffusely-bounded social movement held together through shared commitment to a charismatic leader. It upholds a transcendent belief system (often but not always religious in nature) that includes a call for a personal transformation. It also requires a high level of personal commitment from its members in words and deeds.

This definition is not meant to be evaluative in the sense of implying that a group is good, bad, benign, or harmful. Rather it is meant to convey a systemic view of such a group, which is comprised of a charismatic relationship, a promise of fulfillment, and a methodology by which to achieve it.

Cults differ in their specific ruling ideologies and in their specific requirements, practices, and behaviors; a single group may even differ over its lifetime or across different locations. These groups exist on a continuum of influence (regarding a particular group’s effect on its members and on society, and vice versa) and a continuum of control (from less invasive to all-encompassing).

Cults can be distinguished from other non-mainstream groups—for example, religious or political sects, fringe or alternative groups or movements, communes and intentional communities—because of their intense ideologies and their demand for total commitment from at least some of the members. Each group must be observed and judged on its own merits and its own practices and behaviors as to whether it falls within this category type, which is not meant to be dismissive or one-sided.

Cults are frequently totalistic and separatist. Some cults are totalistic when they are exclusive in their ideology (sacred, the only way) and impose upon their members systems of social control that are confining and all-inclusive (encompassing all aspects of life). Some cults are separatist when they promote withdrawal from the larger society.

People in such cults tend to

1. Espouse an all-encompassing belief system
2. Exhibit excessive devotion to and dependency on their “perfect” leader
3. Avoid criticism of the group, its leader(s), and its practices
4. Have an attitude of disdain for non-members

Frequently, the totalistic and separatist features of some cults makes them appear alien and threatening, and those features have attracted great attention in the mass media.

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