I will start with the Prophetic words of Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR "WAR MADE EASY" 

A Well Organized Protocol using Unconventional and Conventional Warfare, Military Deception and Psychological Operation Tactics, which will be deployed and executed against you, as you are Set Up and made to appear as the enemy/adversary.  There are NO FRIENDLY OPERATIONS, as the NON CONSENTING tactics and protocols being executed are for OFFENSIVE PURPOSES (An offensive is a military operation that seeks through aggressive projection of armed force to occupy territory, gain an objective or achieve some larger strategic, operational or tactical goal.).  These are strategic and professional recruitment, training, and experimental operations and protocols for psychological manipulation, terror, harassment, and/or neurological/biological human effects.


Deception guides an enemy (Targeted Individual) into making mistakes by presenting false information, images, or statements. MILDEC is defined as actions executed to deliberately mislead adversary (Targeted Individual) military decision makers with regard to friendly military capabilities, thereby causing the adversary (Targeted Individual)  to take (or fail to take) specific actions that will contribute to the success of the military operation.

Military Information Support Operations (MISO) f.k.a. Psychological Operations (PSYOP)  - THE PERPS

DOD defines PSYOP as planned operations to convey selected information to targeted foreign (AMERICAN) audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign (AMERICAN) governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.


Noticeable Vandalism, Sabotage, Damage, Destruction, Petty Theft, or Misplaced Items that Re-Appear out of nowhere to Private Property?  Numerable repairs, accidents, delays, and coincidences?

You will begin to notice various small or petty theft, or damages to private property, THE KEY they are small in nature and value, 

You will rationalize at first it is simply coincidence, everyday wear and tear, forgetfulness; until all these things start happening back to back, one after the other, and repeatedly.  

Then you realize this targeted hits to household items, and would appear to take place through breaking and entering, or illegal entrance into the privacy of your home, and it is designed as a method of psychological terror, to have you question what you know

Therefore, the Terrorist Psychological Tactics are used continually due to this knowledge, but what ALL Targeted Individuals need to remember, when you begin to add up these petty theft, vandalism and sabotage to your private property, which require repair and/or replacement it adds up to an Overall Conspiracy to commit THEFT/LARCENY/VANDALISM/SABOTAGE by ALL PARTIES.


  • Items of nominal value, or petty amounts begin to disappear: a comb, a brush, tweezers, nail clippers, small trinkets - items you use, that you keep in specific places, suddenly gone. 
  • Or,  misplaced item, that shows up a couple days later, in the exact location, you looked but could not find.
  • Items you keep in specific locations, will continually be moved around, or rearranged, so as to have you questioning yourself. - DON'T!
  • plates, cups, glassware will have continued fractures or chips, cooking utensils, pots, pans need replacement or repair, the vacuum cleaner attachments will continue to break, mops always appear to be dirty or worn,  you replace it, use it once, and notice the next time it is used, it appears to be worn out, and in need of another replacement,  as if someone entered your private residence, removed the new item, and replaced it with either the worn out one you threw away, or belonging to someone else who needed a replacement.
  • This also goes for household supplies, food, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning liquids, shampoos, once again, you will find that brand new replacements of these basic household items diminish faster than usual, and/or are replaced with a lessor products.  (example: you purchase coffee grounds, you know your use, you have not changed the amount or use, and it takes a month to go through before the next purchase.  You begin to notice that you are now having to purchase coffee grounds, every couple weeks.  Once you become AWARE of your Targeting you REALIZE someone entered the privacy of your home, and diminished your supplies for the purpose of making you question yourself, and to cause you to spend additional money, to replace something.  Now, multiply this one item by several items in your household, and you begin to see the amount of money a Target is having to spend due to this type of Domestic Terrorism)
  • In addition, you will find sabotage to small household hardware, a mirror, a picture frame, a leg to a stands, wheels on a chair, your bed frame, toilet seat cover, shower doors, cabinets, drawer handles, window latches, drains plugs, shelf, will suddenly break, or screws will fall out.  You once again will replace or repair them with new items, and shortly thereafter the Terrorist Team/Teams will enter the privacy of your home, and replace them with the same item you threw away, or a defective, or tampered with item, which causes you to spend additional fund to replace or repair, them, again.
  • This also appears to be the tactic used on your VEHICLE which is a Big TARGET for these Organized Terrorist's

Much of the NOISE Campaign is also used for the purpose of SLEEP DEPRIVATION, as it is known to break down the resistance of the Target. in particular when you work a full time job, which then makes you less affective on the job, which is used to discredit your working capabilities, and as such will be one of the First Signs that you are Targeted.

The Acoustic Noise Campaign is also used for the purpose of Torture.  The only difference is the Department of Defense has found a way to do it whereby, cutting edge technologies can direct and focus the sound only upon the person being targeted, hence, other people will be not disturbed by the sound. 

The following links are examples of directed energy sound.  Thus, if you are not within the range of it, you cannot hear it, but if you are in its targeted range, you will hear any number of amplified acoustic frequencies, sounds, or voices. 

This type of technology is used in the privacy of your home, which is set up as a non consenting human laboratory and torture chamber as these weaponized acoustic technologies are being developed, and used to bombard your senses.  In particular they will be used at night when you try to sleep or are sleeping for the purpose of illegal Subliminal Messaging and.or Conditioning.  Since it is directional, the Citizen Recruits have no idea, what is taking place, they will only be asked to place said devices within range or directed at the Targeted Individuals Home. 

In addition to loud sounds that are focused and directional, they will also use extreme high and extreme low frequency sounds that are technically above or below the hearing threshold, but when used by one or more of these type of direct energy acoustic weapons - the Targeted Individual is forced to ensure the ear piercing acoustic screeching.

Due to their capabilities of the amplify sounds, they will give the false appearance that there are people or sounds outside but in fact - these directional sounds could in fact be coming from any number of locations, where the Weapons System is.  Thus increasing the psychological process of Terror, Intimidation, and Sleep Deprivation conditioning for the purpose of premeditated psychological break-down.  If you are the victim of said type of directed energy sounds, you are the Victim of State, Corporate, Educational and Citizen Recruited Acoustic Terrorism and Harassment.

Hypersonic sound (future weapons)  


AUDIO SPOTLIGHT - High Frequency Ultrasound -





"LRAD" Is A Long Range Acoustic Device For Safe Communication-G20 @TorontoPolice


LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) used during G20 in Pittsburgh


As a Targeted Individual, because the technologies advance at such a rapid rate, it stands to reason the devices will be smaller, with more power, making said weapons portable, and as such, can be placed in another apartment with common walls and floors, whereby, the Recruited Citizen, or Active Military Personnel will place such a device, upon instruction by the handler's aka Terrorist's.

This may sound like normal occurrence, but when you are TARGETED almost all of these type of incidents will happen at once, within a few days or weeks of each other, THUS defying the notion of coincidence, bad luck, or karma - but in fact - STRATEGIC TARGETED HITS in a PETTY financial levels of THEFT, SABOTAGE AND VANDALISM.

Due to the nature of said material items being  petty theft, and sabotage of small household items, by these TERRORIST TEAM/TEAMS who are fully aware of the LAWS.  It is then used for the following -

In reference to Surveillance Video, they are fully aware of this and will deactivate it, prior to entering, or erase and then reset-up - They are aware of every move you make, and you see only what they want you to - thus Surveillance may deter the civilian recruits to some point, but if the Underlings working for the Architect's behind all of it don't want that information to be viewed - they will destroy any and all evidence. Thus, the beginning stages of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

Therefore, it is used as a TACTIC by these TERRORIST TEAM/TEAMS.  In addition, it is used to create the sense of helplessness of the Target because they also know the items are too small to report to the police, but over an extended period of time it become literal GRAND LARCENY.

You pay to replace and the TERRORIST will steal that new item. 

a billing error or contract account change that increases the set contract amount,

credit card rates suddenly skyrocket, even though you pay on time, and well above the minimum due,

you are audited or you receive a letter from the IRS stating they found an error in your tax return from a couple years prior, and you now owe the penalty, plus interest for two years.  

You are continually overcharged when you go shopping, or someone elses' groceries are added to your receipt.  Since, a Target is being crowded and mobbed in public, the last thing you will expect is a Cashier in a large Retail store would do such a thing.

You will put together a Shopping List, and when you arrive at the Retail store, most of the items are conveniently not on the shelf, when you ask a sales clerk if they have anything in stock, they will tell you maybe tomorrow, or sometime during the week.  

Once or twice, possibly a coincidence, almost everytime you go out - TARGETED HITS.

Vehicles are a FAVORITE target by these TEAMS and their Civilian Recruits - a flat tire here, flashing/splash guards that cover the entire rim of the wheel, fall off, though they are held up by several bolts and screws, a blow out on the freeway, various vehicle parts needing replacement.   A break and Enter a stolen is a battery, or a license plate, a hit and run that smashes into your parked car,  brakes going out - 


  • Constant Disturbance, or trouble with Telecommunications to include Land-line and Cell phone?
  • Increased: Stoppage, Time-Out, Signal Interferences, Loss of Reception to Cable, Satellite, Modem, or Wireless Router?
  • Abrupt and Continued Malfunction of Electronic and Household Electrical Devices?
  • Have Electronic or Household Electric Devices suddenly stop working?
  • On Going Need to Replace or Repair Electronic or Household Electric Devices, over a short period of time, and one after the other?
  • Increased Noise coming from these Electronic Devices?

A printer goes down, a DVD stops working, a personal computer or laptop needs continued repairs, your cordless or cell phone starts draining batteries, or there is constant interference or interruptions to your service,  you coffee makers goes out, your television loses reception, your internet service continues to time you out, or goes down.  These appear to be everyday incidents, or  wear and tear, but when all these so called interference, disruptions, repairs and/or replacement of electronic devices, start happening back to back, over a short period of time...

There is something taking place - it is called - ELECTRONIC WARFARE - The Department of Defense defines it as follows:

Electronic Warfare (EW)

EW is defined by DOD as any military action involving the direction or control of electromagnetic spectrum energy to deceive or attack the enemy. High power electromagnetic energy can be used as a tool to overload or disrupt the electrical circuitry of almost any equipment that uses transistors, micro-circuits, or metal wiring.15                  Directed energy weapons amplify, or disrupt, the power of an electromagnetic field by projecting enough energy to overheat and permanently damage circuitry, or jam, overpower, and misdirect the processing in computerized systems. The Electronic Warfare Division of the Army Asymmetric Warfare Office has responsibility for creating electronic warfare policy, and for supporting development of new electromagnetic spectrum concepts that can be translated into equipment and weapons.


From Mobbing USA

  • EMOTIONAL ABUSE in the workplace.
  • "Ganging up" by co-workers, subordinates or superiors, to force someone out of the workplace through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, and isolation.
  • Malicious, nonsexual, nonracial, general harassment.

Other expressions for MOBBING are:

  • Bullying
  • Psychological terror or aggression
  • Hostile behaviors at work
  • Workplace trauma
  • Incivility
  • Emotional violence

Workplace Mobbing is defined as the following:


Psychological terror or mobbing in working life involves hostile and unethical communication which is directed in a systematic manner by one or more individuals, mainly toward one individual, who, due to mobbing, is pushed into a helpless and defenseless position and held there by means of continuing mobbing activities.

These actions occur on a very frequent basis (statistical definition: at least once a week) and over a long period of time (statistical definition: at least six months´ duration). Because of the high frequency and long duration of hostile behavior, this maltreatment results in considerable mental, psychosomatic and social misery. Thus, the definition does not focus too much on the activities themselves, but rather on the heavy mental strain.