What is violent extremism? Violent extremism describes the beliefs and actions of people who support or use violence to achieve ideological, religious or political goals. This includes terrorism, other forms of politically motivated violence and some forms of communal violence.  
All forms of violent extremism, no matter what their motivation, seek change through fear and intimidation rather than constructive democratic processes.


Conduct by which one induces another to do a particular deed; the act of inducing rage, anger, or resentment in another person that may cause that person to engage in an illegal act.

If, you are a Targeted Individual, everything that is being conducted by the State and Corporate Sponsored Terrorist Organization's via Psychological Manipulation, in Terror, Intimidation, Harassment, and Torture is done for the purpose of PROVOKING you to REACT - generally, negatively.  

These are generally Psychological Terrorist Tactics and Techniques deployed and executed in a professional manner in order to cause the TARGET to responding negatively to the insidious violence being inflicted upon and against their human lives.  Upon premeditatedly eliciting these negative response these Terrorist will EXPLOIT any and all negative responses in order to further Victimize the Target, by making them look bad.  

What is always left out of what your viewing audience will see are all the TACTICS and TECHNIQUES that are PLANNED, DEPLOYED and EXECUTED against the Target.  

The more NEGATIVE the RESPONSE coming out of the Target, the more these TERRORIST'S will EXPLOIT.  The more Terrorized a Target is, and attempts to explain, the more frazzled they sound to the person they are attempting to explain their Terrorizing Harassment to.  The point being, the more TERRORIST ACTIVITIES being deployed and executed against the Targeted Individual, the more the TARGET is required to SURVIVE the INSIDIOUS VIOLENCE - IN PARTICULAR PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE - being inflicted against the Target. 

The TERRORIST CITIZEN RECRUIT'S - seek whatever excuses they can in order to INFLICT additional acts of terror, violence, theft, destruction to private property, physical and/or psychological torture and terror upon and against the Targeted Individual.

Therefore, whatever the Target does, good, bad, indifference, in particular when the Target loses their FEAR and fights back with words, that the TERRORIST CITIZEN RECRUIT'S will SEEK whatever means they can to PROVOKE the Target into responding negatively, and then turns around after the fact, and will claim that the TARGET is to blame for the violent Retaliations these Terrorist's have inflicted.  

What this shows is some type of double-standard hypocrisy, whereby for sometimes no reason' at all the Terrorist Citizen Recruit's will PROVOKE the TARGET IN A PREMEDITATED MANNER.  If, the Target responds - these Terrorist Recruit's attempt to use it as their EXCUSE for INFLICTING MORE VIOLENCE against the human life of the Target.  

The Terrorist Citizen Recruit's deluded rationalization is generally - BECAUSE THE TARGET PROVOKED  - 

THE REALITY - at no time do these Terrorist Citizen Recruit's take responsibility for their acts and actions - that is what makes them LITERALLY DELUSIONAL.