There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination in the response. Julian Assange

   "All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer        
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 Welcome to The Unconstitutional Police State 2.0
"...If, you are Innocent, we will beat you till you are guilty, and if, you are Guilty, we will beat you till you repent..." 
Hearts and Minds, 1974
note:  site is not complete, and is still being worked on daily - but getting the info out there is more important than waiting for perfection.

  • Neighbors, Friends, Co-Workers, Management, Law Enforcement, Strangers, &/or Retail Personnel's unexpected abrupt rudeness, and/or suspicious mistrust of you?
  • Sudden loss of relationships with known people, deceitful approaching, and fishing for personal information - For No Reason?
  • Noticeable Petty Vandalism, Sabotage, Damage, Destruction and Theft to Private Property?
  • Repeated misplaced, or moved items in the privacy of your home, that re-appear out of nowhere?
  • Numerable repairs, accidents, obstructions, and delays?
  • Sudden Increase and Influx of noise, traffic, and people near your home, where it did not happen before?  and
  • Public  Flash Mobbing or Crowding with Malicious, Harassing Intent?
  • Workplace Mobbing, harassment,  rigged workstation, and compromised workspace?
  • Vehicle Floating Box or Mobbing, were you are surrounded by other vehicles who; box you in, slow down suddenly, or pull out just as you approach?
  • You begin to realize once or twice, is a possible coincidence. Repeated acts of stalking, harassment, sabotage, vandalism to property: Becomes Professional Tactics being deployed for the purpose of Overt Intimidation, Psychological Terror, and carefully laid out planning?

If So, You May be the Unwitting, Innocent Target of State, Corporate, Educational, and Citizen Sponsored Organized Terrorist Stalking.


  • Constant Disturbance, or trouble with Telecommunications to include Land-line and Cell phone?
  • Increased: Stoppage, Time-Out, Loss of Signal or Reception due to Unexplained Electronic Interferences; to Cable, Satellite, Modem, or Wireless Router?
  • Abrupt and Continued Malfunction, or Complete Operational Failure of Electronic Equipment and Household Electrical Appliances?
  • An On Going Need to Repair or Replace Electronics and Appliances, over a short period of time, and one after the other?
  • Unexplained, Amplified, Solid or Repetitive Extreme High or Low Acoustic Frequency Noise coming from Electronics, Electrical Appliances or Unknown Origin?

If So, You may be the Victim of Warrantless, and Due Process Free Experimental ELECTRONIC WARFARE via Cutting Edge Cyber, Telecommunications Surveillance, and other Electronic Capabilities that Harness the Electromagnetic Spectrum by State, Corporate, and/or Educational Sponsored ELECTRONIC TERRORISM HARASSMENT Terrorists Teams'.



  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Pin-Prick Tingling, and Heating to Outer Skin Layer
  • Sudden Rise in Body Temperature
  • Shocks/Pin Point Burning to Targeted Specific Regions of Biology or Neurology 
  • Invisible Pummeling or Poking
  • Involuntary and Uncontrolled Body Movements, Jerks, Twitching. Deep Tendon Reflexes
  • Abrupt Disruption to Cognitive, Motor,  and Central Nervous System Functions
  • Region Specific Cranial Tenderness, Pain, and Onset of Headaches
  • Muscle Weakness, Joint Soreness
  • Tremors, Internal Vibrating
  • Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea
  • Fatigue, Loss of Consciousness, Disorientation, Confusion, Short Term Memory Loss
  • Increased or Decreased Behavioral  Changes i.e. Anxiety, Anger, Depression, 
  • Cornea Burning, Stinging, or Blurred Vision
  • Ringing, Clicking or Buzzing in the Ears, Tinnitus, Directional Acoustic or Vocal Sounds?


If So, YOU may be the unwitting VICTIM of Non Consensual, Illegal Human Experimentation by State, Corporate, Educational and other Research Institute SPONSORED BIOLOGICAL-TECHNOLOGICAL Anti Personnel Weapons Development - who are Illegally FIELD TESTING BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS,

and Monitoring the Human Bio-Effects, in order to Advance, and Profit from the Development of CUTTING EDGE Third Generation BIOMETRICS, (facial, optical, vocal, emotion to brain recognition sortware); the Weaponization, and Offensive use of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies to deliberately Impair Cognitive, Motor, Central Nervous System, and Behavioral functions. 

And to further the development of Anti-Personnel Crowd Control non kinetic/non lethal biological weapons that harness the Electromagnetic Spectrum






We know that threat assessment fusion centers, represented above by The Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC), have been set up around the country in order to federalize local communities through public and private partnership programs.  On their website, ACTIC states that in 2006 they launched a Community Liaison Program which now includes "More than 4,000 contact representatives from 300 private and public sector organizations participate" to support "the National Homeland Security Strategies of 'Strengthening Information Sharing and Collaboration Capabilities.'  In so doing they have enlisted the following Participating Partners:
  • Religious groups
  • Block watches
  • Private security companies
  • Tourism industry
  • Financial groups
  • Utility companies
  • Public health organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Community Groups
  • And Many More...
You may be asked to participate: without Due Process, Warrant, Court Order, Legal Documentations to:  VIOLATE the Targeted Individual's Fundamental Basic Rights and Liberties guaranteed to all, equally.

If so, you may be the VICTIM of Professional Recruitment and Manipulation under False Flag Operations, based upon Tainted, Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, and Psychological Operations (PSYOPS).

And, because... They just might be SPYING on You, your Organization, or Member's within.
(see article)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "War Made Easy"
  • Slander, Disrespect, Deceive, Laugh At, Mock, and/or Provoke, a Target?
  • Invade the Privacy and Space of a Target by Stalking, Crowding, Mobbing, Following, or Giving the Targets Local Away if seen in a public setting?
  • Participate in Whisper, Noise, Pointing, Harassment, or Set Up Campaigns?
  • Use Keywords, without knowing what they mean or what it represents while you pass the Target,?
  • Wear same Colored clothing, drive near or by Target in like color or make of vehicle.
  • Walk up to or stand by the Target, in a public setting, make some demeaning, comment to the target or others about noticing the Targets state of mind?
  • Provide Unpleasant, Unfriendly, Misleading, Evasive, and Fraudulent Information or Service?
  • Lie about the Target to others, or make up stories in order to further victimize, or facilitate negative false impressions about a Target?
  • Were you given the Address, Vehicle ID, Phone Number, Email, or Photo of the Target, in order to Complete Tasks?
  • Were you asked to drive by the targets home whenever you were in the area, to idle vehicles or play loud music near the targets home at all hours of the day and night?
  • Were you asked to show up by foot, in a group, walking a dog, or child as part of your Mission Offending duties.
  • Have you been called or text messaged to show up for a Flash Mob in a public place where the Target is?
  • Were you given access to a Social Network or Website that depicted the Target in such a negative light, it compelled you to join forces?
  • Were you asked to access the Targets private account at work, and told to alter data within that account?
  • Were you told to impersonated the target, or a legitimate representative of a Company, Agency, or Office, knowing that you would be committing fraud?
  • Were you Bribed, Threatened, Coerced or given some form of compensation to participate?
  • Were you told it was for a Just Cause, the Greater Good, or because the Target Deserved It, even though you knew you would be violating the Rights and Liberties of a fellow citizen?  OR        
  • Were you told it was just a harmless game?
  • Do you Truly Know all the Legal Reasons Why you were asked to participate?
  • Do you have copies of any and all documents presented to you, and did you take them to an unbiased, outside source to Validate, Verify and Vet the Legitimacy, and Legality of said Documents before you participated?
  • Were you asked to sign a Non Disclosure Confidentiality Statement?
  • *** Were you told ALL of it is SECRET? ***

If So, You may be the VICTIM of RECRUITMENT by State, Corporate, Educational and Citizen Sponsored ORGANIZED TERRORIST