Maps and course guides

Official course as of 2018 is shown here. 

GPS:  See 50K GPX file at bottom of page, or link here to Greg Pearson's STRAVA  entry.  I'm still on the lookout for anyone who has an accurate file for the last 19 miles of the 50 miler!

Real maps:  See below.  Click on each icon for lager versions.
General written description of 50K course (click here)

50K map of miles 1-13 and 26-31 (East section)

50 K map of miles 13-26 (West section)

2018 Adjusted Start.  Follow green path.  Leg 1 and 2 on trail.  Leg 3 along woods edge after turning around last tree.  (Red = old start)

Written description for last 19 miles (click here):

50 mile course miles 31-39 and 48-50 (Ponkapoag and middle section)

50 mile course miles 39-48 (Far East section)

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