Enhancing the English Classroom                                                                           

I encourage students to want, and even to seek out, a challenging and rigorous, yet rewarding, education. As a teacher, I must inspire this mindset through creative, relevant, and engaging ways. My class motto, and what I hope to instill, hangs above my door: "Tension in the Mind," a line from Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail." 

King alludes to these Socratic teachings to provide credibility for his claim that tension in society is necessary for change. I purposefully build on these ideas throughout the school year, creating intellectual tension in order to generate academic growth in my students.  

This link to my teaching philosophy expands my explanation, and the rest of the webpage provides links to classroom websites and lesson plans that support and illustrate my philosophy. 

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Google Apps Tutorial Videos

  • The videos below illustrate how I implement Google Apps into my classroom.

Using Google Drive with Students

How to Grade in Google Drive