As a psychiatrist I am able to offer various forms of therapy, medications or a combination of both.  The kind of therapy chosen will be based on what will be the most therapeutic for you and in line with your personal goals.  Having multiple forms of treatment available to you  and under one roof provides a great opportunity for healing; research studies show that the most effective treatment for a majority of problems is a combination of both medication and therapy. 
Initial Evaluation: The initial evaluation takes place during our first meeting.  On average, we meet for one hour.  This session is focused on you telling me what the problems are that brought you in to see me, how they have been affecting your life and how you hope I can help you.  Most of the session will be spent gathering information about your current issues as well as obtaining any past psychiatric history.  At the end of the session I will provide you with my feedback and we will go through treatment recommendations.  Should you decide to continue working together, we will set up our follow up appointment.

Supportive Therapy: The goal in supportive therapy is to help you cope with the current stresses in your life.  As you discuss your current problems I will provide you with direction and encouragement.  With this treatment you will learn ways to relax, adjust to new life situations, and cope with difficult experiences.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is based on the idea that the way we think is affecting the way we behave and impacting our emotions.  The goal in this treatment would be to identify the negative thoughts you are having and re-shape the way you respond to them.  We will establish behavioral goals together and you may be asked to do some assignments on your own at home.  Through behavioral change and reframing the automatic thoughts you are having, you will begin to see a postive change in the way you feel.

Psychodynamic Therapy: During this therapy I will encourage you to explore early relationships with your parents and significant others.  By examing prior as well as current relationships, we gain insight into patterns of how you relate to others and your emotional responses to those around you. 

Psychopharmacology: There are some people who will benefit from the use of medication.  There are many different kinds of medications available today.  During our visits we will discuss your current problems and how they are impacting your life.  I may recommend a change in dose of your medication or offer a new medication depending on how you are responding to your current regimen.