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January 2008 - Indian Treehouse

I rang in New Year 2008 in India, finishing off a month's wanderings with 3 nights in a treehouse, deep in the rainforest near Wayanad, in northern Kerala. It is a beautiful, secluded place,  lush, green, and alive with a layered soundscape of tropical birds, wild monkeys and humming insects. My treehouse was 45 feet off the ground, accessible by a swinging rope bridge. It had windows, a porch, its own sink, and even its own separate  bathroom with a shower.

I was the only guest, and so I got the royal treatment from the gorgeus staff. By day they escorted me on walks through the forest, out to magickal caves and waterfalls. By night they brought me hurricane lamps that illuminated my little haven. And 3 times a day I was presented with the best food I have ever eaten; all organically-grown local ingredients artfully prepared in the regional style.

Since I was the only guest I passed my time (when I wasn't eating!) tutoring the staff in English and teaching some meditation. Doing the metta bhanvana under a banyan tree as warm golden afternoon light filtered down through the branches was a powerful, blissful experience. I truly felt I was in the land of Sakyamuni Buddha.