Pelletier Lab

Radford University

Image credit: Abbie Zimmer @zimmer_abbie

Research in our lab uses genetic, geographic, environmental, and morphological data to investigate the evolutionary processes shaping current biodiversity patterns. We combine both empirical and theoretical approaches to answer complex questions in ecology and evolution.

The exploration of natural systems is the heart of biological research, however, in order to understand the complex processes shaping current biodiversity patterns, it is essential to develop a work-flow that includes model-checking and novel ways of combining various types of data, so methods development is large part of our research.


November 2022: PhylogatR on the cover of Molecular Ecology Resources.

March 2022: Our research in the media!

October 2021: We had a productive and fun phylogatR workshop! Thanks to all the attendees for joining us and providing useful feedback. We're looking forward to working more with you all.

August 2021: We are recruiting beta-testers for phylogatR! Being a beta-tester includes an in-person workshop at the Mountain Lake Biological Station in VA, cool swag, and access to the database before it is publicly released.

July 2019: We received an award from the National Science Foundation: Collaborative research: Aggregating and repurposing phylogeographic data. DBI-1911293

July 2019: We received an award from the Jeffress Trust Program in Interdisciplinary Research: Long-term impacts of the Mountain Valley Pipeline on the physical habitat, water chemistry, and biodiversity of Mill Creek, Roanoke County, Virginia. See news article here.

Dec. 2018: Our research in the media!