Teaching Activities

I am teaching at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie d'Orsay
Plateau de Moulon
91400 Orsay, France



Network Concepts and administration

(including practical lab and courses)

- TCP/IP protocols

- Routing IPV4 and IPV6

- WiFi Configurations

- Virtual LAN configurations

- DHCP configurations

- SMTP configurations

- DNS concepts

- SAMBA configurations

- NFS configurations

-LDAP server and client configurations

- SSH and DSH

Database Security

(including practical lab and courses)

-  SQL programming

- Database conception

- Replication Mysql server

-Virualization of MySQL servers using (Xen, VirtualBox).

- Migration of MySQL servers using DRBD and heartbeat.

- Methods of saving  and protection of MySQL using RAID and LVM


Concept of Operating System

-  Linux commands and shell programming

- System programming using C language

- Parallel programming and  Fork, Exec, execlp, pipes, etc.

Professional and Personal project

Preparing students to choose a profession.



Advanced in Resource Allocation in Broadband Wireless Networks (LTE, mobile WiMAX, etc..)

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Jan 25, 2014, 12:56 AM
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