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A Division of Tacoma Area PC Users Group (TAPCUG)

The TAPCUG Linux SIG mission is to get everyone switched over to Linux, a better computer operating system,
by helping to install it on existing computers or by selling Linux computers at A+ Computers.
Linux based Android phones and Chromebooks have been wildly successful but
we don't yet have a good selection of affordable Linux laptop or desktop computers we can buy in stores and online.
We are working to finally bring affordable Linux laptop or desktop computers to the market place.
On site meetings were not bringing new Linux users like they did when we started in 2001. Google Hangouts have
had insufficient attendance partially because some people were technically challenged in making it work.
Again the goal is new Linux users not body count.
Therefore we are looking for new ways to accomplish our mission. Currently we are doing a blog, working to be involved
with Makerfest and building Linux computers for those that need them but cannot afford them.
Currently we are getting far more persons converted to Linux this way than we could any other way!
Our Linux computer donation program is making great progress! Perhaps you know of someone who needs one.
SIGs or Special Interest Groups can have different forms, not just regular meetings you have to physically attend.
If you need help getting switched over to Linux, contact Joel, fox7799 at gmail dot com . (no meetings at SE Tacoma Community Center). 

The TAPCUG General Meeting is usually the 2nd Saturday 9:30 AM at 9112 Lakewood Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98496.
We usually arrive at 9 AM for setup and conversations.

History of Linux and Open Source

Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system released October 5, 1991
by Linus Torvalds, a student at Helsinki University who wanted a
better operating system for his desktop computer.
Linux has grown rapidly to where it now runs on more hardware
than any other operating system in the world.
It is the leading operating system on business servers,
mainframes, etc. Over 90% of the fastest supercomputers
run on Linux including the ten fastest.
Desktops, laptops, etc. sold around the world run on Linux
except that proprietary Microsoft and Apple computers
still appear to have a monopoly in the United States.
Much of the embedded systems in phones, tablets,
TVs, video games run on Linux.
Linux based Android phones and Chromebooks
have a huge market share.
Ubuntu Linux based computers are much better
but ironically you still can’t go into a store
or online in the US and buy
affordable (under $500) Linux laptop or desktop computers.
We hope to change that in the near future.

Linux can also be very easily installed on existing Windows and possibly Apple computers.
Because of built in security such as netfilters and iptables, Linux is much more secure
which is why you need to switch to it.
Millions of dollars are wasted fixing or recovering files on proprietary
Windows and Apple computers using copyright laws.
Linux and other open source software is developed by millions of persons
around the world using an open source license
which says that you are free to use the software but if you make improvements
you must share those improvements with everyone.
This is the opposite of copyright and much more beneficial for everyone.

See a brief video on Linux history here. See why switching to Linux is easy here.
Windows security failure here. See why you should switch to Linux here and here.


With end of Windows 7 consider switching to Linux Mint (details here) or Xubuntu.

Discover why Xubuntu 19.10 is so much faster beating Windows & Apple here.

Discover going off cable with 4G LTE such as https://netbuddy.co

We need to learn about a fast growing new type of computing that uses quantum physics
including artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum processors, etc:

Get started with artificial intelligence on Ubuntu at https://ubuntu.com/kubeflow , demo here. I was able to
start Kubeflow at https://deploy.kubeflow.cloud . Download flyer here.

Discover the development of artificial intelligence here and future potential here.

Learn about quantum processors here.

Check out the new Brave browser here.

Learn how to completely clear flash drive, etc. here.

South Korea ditches Windows for Linux, details here.

See why you must immediately switch from Windows and Apple to Linux here and here.

To determine your hard drive read & write speed install gnome-disk-utility on Xubuntu and then go to Start-Settings-
Disks-Benchmark. This can also be done on a flash drive (you may need to hit F12 to select the usb device).

Makerfest Saturday Nov 3, 2018 10 AM-3 PM at Washington State Fairgrounds Agriplex, Puyallup, details here,
was a huge success with 2500 people attending. Photos below:


Linuxfest Northwest at Bellingham Technical College Apr 27-29, 2018

See why everyone should now switch to Linux here, here and here.
How to get started with Xubuntu (or any Ubuntu) here.

ARM processor RISC OS released as open source! Details here.

Google Hangouts, https://hangouts.google.com/ , is the best way to have free online meetings on Linux, Microsoft and Apple computers or phones.

Open source ARM Linux Risc-V processors can revolutionize computers! Details here and here.

Open source computing means a better future for us!, details here and here.

Growing community internet systems bypass Comcast monopoly, details here and here.

Discover LibreMesh networks here.

We may soon have a Linux open source phone! details here, here, here, here, and here.

The Ubuntu phone continues at https://ubports.com/ .

Samsung Linux On Galaxy means full Xubuntu desktop on smart phone! details here.

New Linux processor means future Xubuntu based laptops! details here and here.

See how to switch between Wayland and Xorg display servers in Xubuntu 17.10 here.

How to rip DVD's here.

To upgrade Ubuntus to the next release you can enter 'sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade' in the command line.

XFCE desktop explained here and here.

UEFI explained here.

Having a good firewall to protect you is very important.
http://gufw.org/ gives you extra protection over what you have
on your router. Just install it, go to firewall and turn it on.

An easy way to turn a document into a photo or image is to create it in Libreoffice Writer, export it as a pdf document,
open that pdf in Gimp and export it as an image (.png, .jpg, etc.).

Use the 'youtube-dl (youtube url)' command to download youtube videos, details here.

To avoid future DNS attacks we may want to consider OpenDNS, details here.

Linux is much more secure because its roots are from Unix,
a serious business multiuser system. Linux has extra built in security
such as Netfilter and IPTables which makes your system rock solid and secure.

Bring your used computer equipment for free to A+ Computers,
2724 Pacific Ave E, Olympia, WA 98501 (exit 107 North off I-5) the
home of rebuilt computer systems
(computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse) starting at $149 (speakers $10).

We are Linux distribution neutral and try out all sorts of Linux distributions.
Our focus is to get all proprietary Windows and Mac users switched to open source Linux.
We encourage trying out different Linux distributions since they all bring new ideas to
the community and there is no one size fits all distribution.

We have Linux CD/DVD's that can either be run live in your memory or
installed to your hard drive.
You have the option of shrinking your Windows (or other) partion to make room for your Linux partition(s).
We suggest selecting the XFCE desktop and the XFCE classic menu style.
If you come to a Linux SIG meeting, you can have one of these new CD/DVD's.

Linux file system.

Introduction to Linux here.

Check back often for the latest updates.


   Get started with Linux now!

Discover why you should switch to Linux here.
Linus says 2017 will be the year of the Linux desktop! details here.
$79 ARM Linux laptop with Remix OS released (we need Xubuntu), details here.
See why Windows and Mac users should immediately switch to Linux Mint XFCE here. and here.
See how to install your favorite Linux on an Android phone here.
Linux Torvalds TED talk Feb 2016 here.
ARM Linux laptops could have replaceable CPU cards! details here.
RISC-V processors are coming, details here.
ARM64 Linux computers are coming!, details here.
Windows, Mac users advised to install Linux Mint now! details here.
Users are advised to avoid Windows 10! Details here.
Microsoft will make Windows 10 harder to dual boot, details here.

Windows users may be forced into crappy Windows 10! details here.
See why children should use Linux here.

Events (date format MM/DD/YY)

Nov 2, 2019 10 AM-3 PM Makerfest, Puyallup Fair Agriplex

Jan 07-10, 2020 CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Las Vegas, NV


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