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A Division of Tacoma Area PC Users Group (TAPCUG)

The TAPCUG Linux SIG mission is to get everyone switched over to Linux, a better computer operating system,
by helping to install it on existing computers or by selling Linux computers at A+ Computers.
Linux based Android phones and Chromebooks have been wildly successful but
we don't yet have a good selection of affordable Linux laptop or desktop computers we can buy in stores and online.
We are working to finally bring affordable Linux laptop or desktop computers to the market place.
On site meetings were not bringing new Linux users like they did when we started in 2001. Google Hangouts have
had insufficient attendance partially because some people were technically challenged in making it work.
Again the goal is new Linux users not body count.
Therefore we are looking for new ways to accomplish our mission. Currently we are doing a blog, working to be involved
with Makerfest and building Linux computers for those that need them but cannot afford them.
Currently we are getting far more persons converted to Linux this way than we could any other way!
Our Linux computer donation program is making great progress! Perhaps you know of someone who needs one.
SIGs or Special Interest Groups can have different forms, not just regular meetings you have to physically attend.
If you need help getting switched over to Linux, contact Joel, fox7799 at gmail dot com . (no meetings at SE Tacoma Community Center). 

The TAPCUG General Meeting is usually the 2nd Saturday 9:30 AM at 9112 Lakewood Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98496.
We usually arrive at 9 AM for setup and conversations.

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 because he wanted a better desktop computer operating system.
Ironically, it has totally dominated everywhere else from supercomputers, to servers, chromebooks, smart phones, etc.
but monopolies have so far mostly kept it off computers you can buy in stores and online until now.
There are a few Linux laptops and desktops you can buy online but they are high priced from around $700 to over $2,000.
We are working hard to make affordable Linux computers available to everyone at a reasonable cost.
Linux can also be very easily installed on existing Windows and possibly Apple computers.

Because of built in security such as netfilters and iptables, Linux is much more secure which is why you need to switch to it.
Millions of dollars are wasted fixing or recovering files on proprietary Windows and Apple computers using copyright laws.
Linux and other open source software is developed by millions of persons around the world using an open source license
which says that you are free to use the software but if you make improvements you must share those improvements with everyone.
This is the opposite of copyright and much more beneficial for everyone.

See a brief video on Linux history here. See why switching to Linux is easy here.
Windows security failure here. See why you should switch to XFCE here.


We had a great time at LinuxFestNorthwest Apr 28-29, 2018!
We demonstrated the Pine64 development board, details here
This or similar will be motherboard of the upcoming $89 11.6" Pinebook laptop with Xubuntu.
See details on the Pinebook from FOSDEM 2018 here.
We introduced Xubuntu 18.04, Linux Mint XFCE 18.3, Kubuntu 18.04 and Arch Linux.
We now look forward to Makerfest 2018 this Fall!

See why everyone should now switch to Linux here, here and here.
How to get started with Xubuntu (or any Ubuntu) here.

Makerfest Saturday Nov 4, 2017 10 AM-3 PM at Washington State Fairgrounds Agriplex, Puyallup, details here.
Our first time at Makerfest exceeded expectations with over 1200 people attending.
Other booths included robotics, virtual reality, 3d printing, beer making, young kids working on computer hardware, etc.
We ran out of TAPCUG Linux SIG flyers and almost out of TAPCUG and A+ Computers flyers/cards.

Google Hangouts, https://hangouts.google.com/ , is the best way to have free online meetings on Linux, Microsoft and Apple computers or phones.

ARM Linux processors keep improving! Details here, forum here.

Growing community internet systems bypass Comcast monopoly, details here and here.

Discover LibreMesh networks here.

We may soon have a Linux open source phone! details here, here, here, here, and here.

The Ubuntu phone continues at https://ubports.com/ .

Samsung Linux On Galaxy means full Xubuntu desktop on smart phone! details here.

New Linux processor means future Xubuntu based laptops! details here and here.

See how to switch between Wayland and Xorg display servers in Xubuntu 17.10 here.

How to rip DVD's here.

To upgrade Ubuntus to the next release you can enter 'sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade' in the command line.

XFCE desktop explained here.

UEFI explained here.

Having a good firewall to protect you is very important. http://gufw.org/ gives you extra protection over what you have
on your router. Just install it, go to firewall and turn it on.

An easy way to turn a document into a photo or image is to create it in Libreoffice Writer, export it as a pdf document,
open that pdf in Gimp and export it as an image (.png, .jpg, etc.).

Use the 'youtube-dl (youtube url)' command to download youtube videos, details here.

To avoid future DNS attacks we may want to consider OpenDNS, details here.

Contact us: fox7799 at gmail dot com

We have three major computer systems today: Windows and Mac are closed proprietary systems.
Linux, which is based on the Linux kernel and unlike the first two is basically free and open source.
Companies make money from the packaging and support of Linux.

 Linux is quickly becoming the preferred computer operating system!
Say good bye to expensive proprietary operating systems, viruses, worms, trojans, crashes,
forced upgrades, infuriating pop-ups, repair bills and get a better, complete Linux operating system
with all the applications you need for a very affordable price.
Since Linux is much more secure and free from malware, you should be using it.
Now is the time to make the move to Linux.
We welcome you to join us.

Linux is much more secure because its roots are from Unix,
a serious business multiuser system. Linux has extra built in security
such as Netfilter and IPTables which makes your system rock solid and secure.

A good summary of why you should switch to Linux is here.

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 because he wanted a better desktop operating system.
Ironically, it has totally dominated everywhere else from supercomputers, to servers, chromebooks and
your smart phone but monopolies have so far mostly kept it off computers you can buy until now.
With Windows XP ending April 8, 2014, Windows 7 ending Jan 13, 2015,
the failure of Windows 8, the extremely high prices of
Apple products which only work with other Apple products and
  since Linux is so much more secure, it is time to switch to Linux
Linux Mint is the number four operating system in the world!
Download and try it for free. Install if you like it.
You convert easily and save lots of money! A+ Computers sells
Linux computers along with other proprietary computers.

Please E-mail us: Fox7799 at gmail dot com for information or to get on the notification list.
Because of increased Linux threats it is advisable to install gufw in Synaptic and turn it on.
Alternately on the command line you can enter sudo apt install gufw

We used to be to change the owner/permissions of imported folders and subfolders with Nautilus.
Apparently you have to do it on the command line now: sudo chown -hR /home/user/Pictures etc.

OpenElec in Berryboot on the Raspberry Pi 2 has very good video and sound on TV,
monitor and projector. So does Plex.tv on an Intel processor Linux computer.
However we haven't yet found a way to get Plex.tv on ARM processor computers.
Ubuntu Mate 16.04 with an XFCE desktop works best on the Raspberry Pi 2
with videos, Google Hangouts working well.
I have Xubuntu running on the 64 bit ARM Pine64. Have wifi, Midori browser and Firefox, Need Chromium and Chrome.
Download Pine64 file here, extract and run dd if=xubuntu-xenial-20160421-longsleep-pine64-8GB.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1
(change image if different, change sdb if your sd card is different)
This will be part of the discussion in upcoming meetings.

gpt partitioning with gparted: select Device, Create partition table, Advanced and choose gpt instead of msdos.
Details at http://akabaila.pcug.org.au/gpt/gpt_gparted.html . Works great. After this I'll use gpt and avoid msdos extended partitions.

Bring your used computer equipment for free to A+ Computers,
2724 Pacific Ave E, Olympia, WA 98501 (exit 107 North off I-5) the
home of rebuilt computer systems
(computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse) starting at $149 (speakers $10).

We are Linux distribution neutral and try out all sorts of Linux distributions.
Our focus is to get all proprietary Windows and Mac users switched to open source Linux.
We encourage trying out different Linux distributions since they all bring new ideas to
the community and there is no one size fits all distribution.

We have Linux CD/DVD's that can either be run live in your memory or
installed to your hard drive.
You have the option of shrinking your Windows (or other) partion to make room for your Linux partition(s).
We suggest selecting the XFCE desktop and the XFCE classic menu style.
If you come to a Linux SIG meeting, you can have one of these new CD/DVD's.

Linux file system.

Introduction to Linux here.

Check back often for the latest updates.


   Get started with Linux now!

Discover why you should switch to Linux here.
Linus says 2017 will be the year of the Linux desktop! details here.
$79 ARM Linux laptop with Remix OS released (we need Xubuntu), details here.
See why Windows and Mac users should immediately switch to Linux Mint XFCE here.
See how to install your favorite Linux on an Android phone here.
Linux Torvalds TED talk Feb 2016 here.
ARM Linux laptops could have replaceable CPU cards! details here.
RISC-V processors are coming, details here.
ARM64 Linux computers are coming!, details here.
Windows, Mac users advised to install Linux Mint now! details here.
Users are advised to avoid Windows 10! Details here.
Microsoft will make Windows 10 harder to dual boot, details here.

Windows users may be forced into crappy Windows 10! details here.
See why children should use Linux here.

Events (date format MM/DD/YY)

Apr 28-29/2018 LinuxFest Northwest, Bellingham, WA

Nov 3, 2018 10 AM-3 PM Makerfest, Puyallup Fair Agriplex

Jan 08-11, 2019 CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Las Vegas, NV


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