TaoTroyism is a New World Religion founded in the United States based on traditional Taoist beliefs, primarily focusing on the lessor understood tradition of combining sexuality with spirituality as defined by Orthodox Taoist Sexual Practices.

Similar to traditional Taoism, TaoTroyist emphasize on compassion and humility, while rooting its principles in spontaneity and emptiness. The primary emphasis is placed on the link between the Human Race, The Universe and
Body Worship as a form of physical expression of Ones Self.

TaoTroyist seek the respect and knowledge of the Twelve Olympians and Greek Goddesses for insightual direction of life and do not believe in the simplistic worship of any one god as recognized in the majority of religions.

TaoTroyism teaches these
principles are the necessity for rule and order and develops an individuals understanding of the world and Chaos Theory without the need for war.

Tao defines "The Way of Nature" with "Troy" (besides my name) Troy defines: strength, perseverance, resilience, dominance, etc. and especially relevant with financial management and leadership as displayed by JP Morgan and who shares the birthday of April 17th with me.