The Mission:   Taos United is a non-partisan citizen education and information group for political action to defend and promote progressive values. 

The Values:  Respect, listen, responsibility, inclusiveness, honesty, humility, transparency. 

The Priority Issues:  All interested citizens and attendees to Taos United general meetings have self-organized into these Issue Groups: Elder, Environment, Health Care, Human and Civil Rights, Immigrant and Sanctuary, Impeachment, Minimum Wage, Peace and Security, Protecting Democracy from Big Money, Public Education and Public Agencies, Upcoming Elections and Voting Issues, Women's Issues and Youth Involvement.

Action Strategies: 
  • Citizen education: seminars, workshops, and speakers
  • Link with local, state and national progressive organizations
  • Monitor elected officials for accountability
  • Issue ACTION ALERTS to support Active Citizenship
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We hope to see you at the next Taos United meeting on January 18, 2018, 5:30-7:30 at the Kit Carson Board Room. This will be our third meeting using our new Community Forum format.