Is this a Democratic or Republican or Independent or Green party website?  NO.  It is non-partisan.  We welcome progressive independents, progressive Democrats, progressive Republicans who may need refuge, Greens, Socialists and more. Collectively, we are stronger.  

Why should I join?  Working within a coalition of like-minded groups and specific interest groups brings you more insight on issues.  Acting together with other progressives nationally, statewide and locally, focuses more energy and amplifies the voices of all of us.  

But I already belong to an action group!  Great!  Then you can share that message with our members, too, and lengthen the reach of that group.  And you can help our members expand the reach on issues that may not be the top priority for you.  

How do I join?  Complete the Taos United Membership Survey and you will be added.  Also, you can email us and we will add you to the email list!