Tao of badass

Tao of badass by joshua pellicer

Flirting takes art ... and the fair sex can fill the male mind with questions and "maybe"!
"Yes," and women have standard moves, demonstrating the attraction to a man, however, is not so pronounced and obvious. Perhaps it's the uncertainty that gets involved in the middle or the belief of many women that the man should be the "hunter". The following signs, even if they are "hidden" can convince you that you have won her mind ...

The look ... sometimes betrays thoughts!

It's what we say: "There is something in the air." Other women stare in a man and the other turned their head every time I look ... anyway, this is a way to say: "I want!". 90% of women used as "weapon" look to reach it!

When body language "flirting" ever

When a woman sits with folded hands or not has turned the trunk towards you ... then maybe not interested in sex for you. Conversely, if the shoulders and crossed her legs look toward you, then everything is in your favor. It goes without saying, of course, that if it bites her lips or touching frequently while your looking ... thing is clear!

The smile is not hiding and face the "shining"

Even with a "hello", the girl who will be interested in your smile. It is an unconscious movement accompanied by the glow in his eyes and the "light" in the face. If you do not enjoy is the next ... will you accept a blank look and even a smile!

Her friends look or smile towards you

If you see that most of her friends look towards you and smile (my god, not laugh!) Then do "knowingly." Since most young girls to more experienced women ... all said the "I" in their girlfriends through nods or smiles.

Jealousy, proof of the love of

There is no better test for erotic feelings ... with envy! When a woman jealous, because they see you talking to other or angry when you embrace a familiar street, be sure 100% that you have won.

The supposedly random encounters in your joints

When you meet very often, then it might not be very random! When you win a woman, she will reach into places you go often ... and will play very surprised and see you soon. Just want to be around you often.

The nervousness when around you

Did you fall down the cigarettes, confusing words or pouring drinks on the table when you see? 'Yes' in sex is sometimes awkward and nervousness is obvious. Certainly this is a typical sign!

The "accidental" touch of the hand or your hair

A supposedly accidental touch on the arm or your hair is one of these signs. If you see that your other approaches more and more or finds excuses to touch your body ... then you are on track!

The little things ... like a sip of her drink!

Do you offer a sip of her drink and generally trying to take care of you? Then she might not see you as a friend, especially if it is done greatly. When a woman tries to satisfy the 'want', then you can hope for in a love relationship.

The sudden interest in your life and questions

The questions about his life, his family or the classic question: "Are you alone?" Shows interest, perhaps erotic! Otherwise, would not care to know whether you are involved!

Tao of badass by joshua pellicer