Litian Tao

Email: taolitian AT gmail DOT com

I have been working in Bing Multimedia team at Microsoft (Bellevue, Washington) since July 2013, after 2 years working in Search Technology Center Asia at Microsoft (Beijing, China). Before that, I got my Ph.D degree in 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Wei Li from School of Computer Science, Beihang University and Dr. Harry Shum from Microsoft Corporation, and B.S.E degree in Beihang University in 2006.

I have worked as a research intern (supervised by Jian Sun) at Visual Computing Group of Microsoft Research Asia from 2006 to 2011 and a product intern (supervised by Xian-Sheng Hua) at Multimedia Group, Bing, Microsoft at Bellevue, WA, USA in 2011.


  • Litian Tao, Lu Yuan, and Jian Sun. SkyFinder: Attribute-based Sky Image Search. SIGGRAPH 2009.

  • Yichen Wei and Litian Tao. Efficient Histogram-Based Sliding Window. CVPR 2010.

  • Jie Feng, Yichen Wei, Litian Tao, Chao Zhang and Jian Sun. Salient Object Detection by Composition. ICCV 2011.