The Awareness Option® Foundation, Inc.
It is the mission of The Awareness Option Foundation to be a catalyst for improving the health and quality of life of people from all cutural backgrounds who are economically, socially or physically challenged, or who suffer from chronic illness. Committed to holistic healing, the Foundation underwrites programs and develops community partnerships which support experience-based health education opportunities.
You create your reality with your intentions. Your support will have far reaching effects.
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The Work of the Awareness Option® Foundation is funded by your generous gifts. Please consider becoming a contributor:

Legacy Circle Over $2500
Director’s Circle $1000 - $2500
Patron $500 - $999
Sponsor $250 - $499
Friend $100- $249
Member $50 - $99

Thank you to the Following Contributors of 2008-09:

Legacy Circle: over $2500
Rick Lawson
Michael Roderick, Roderick Enterprises
The Episcopal Diocese of Utah

Director’s Circle: $1000 - $2500
Jane and Tami Marquardt

Patron: $500 - $999
Scott Hansen
Grant Larimer
Adele W. Parkinson
Mary Ellen Rayner

Sponsor: $250 - $499 
Ann & Grant Hutton
Grant Larimer
Dr. Ruth Pinney

Associate: $100- $249 
Terry Cook
Travis and Brenda Kell
Nancy Knape
Kimberly Lajoie
Christine Mitchell
Marianne Murray
Thomas & Joyce Pappas
Lois Swayne
Andrew & Chalise Westenskow
Friend: $50 - $99 
Dale Alexander
David Anson and Karen Nielsen-Anson
Dana Appling
Jody Baker
Catherine Balka
Marva Beesley
Nicholas L. Cendese
Jan Worsley Cendese, LCSW, LMT, CCP, APP
W. Ivan Cendese
Kerry Dew
Paula Gordan
Harriet Goslins
Judy Greenman
Ben and Florence Hansen
Karen Hedger
Karen Levetan
David and Sherry Michelsen
Jan Nystrom
Pauline Pantalone
Mary Ellen Rayner
Laurel Roberts-Meese
Melene Rose
Lisa Rudy
Nathan Shaw
Tori Skiles
Brent & Margo Stevenson
Ruth Thielen
Randall CM Whitney
Richard Douglas Worsley
Adele W. Parkinson donated $100 in loving memory of Tony Larimer.

Thanks to volunteers and sponsors:
Tana Allred
Lauren Brant
Natalie Clausen
Mckensie Kell
Gabby Russell
Samantha Mickelsen
Kendyl Schofield
Nathan Shaw
Michelle Troche
Chalise Westenskow
Andy Westenskow
Action West Video
Transfusion Hype
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