The Awareness Option® Foundation, Inc.
It is the mission of The Awareness Option Foundation to be a catalyst for improving the health and quality of life of people from all cutural backgrounds who are economically, socially or physically challenged, or who suffer from chronic illness. Committed to holistic healing, the Foundation underwrites programs and develops community partnerships which support experience-based health education opportunities.

The projects produced by the TAO Foundation will use several current complementary healthcare modalities to provide experience based health educational opportunities. Some of these modalities include Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Esogetic Colorpuncture and Theta Healing.

2008-09 - The 2009 Autistic Service Project

This project will be working with children and families living with autism. This initiative was influenced by Jan W. Cendese’s experiences treating an 11 year old autistic girl and her mother. The improvement and healing, as well as the increased coping behavior by both the daughter and her mother sparked the idea to provide experiences and service to a wider base of families living with autism.
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Inside Out

A Benefit for Families and Children Living with Autism
Presented by The Awareness Option® Foundation
April 26, 2009
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2006 - Lloyd Symington Foundation Cancer Research Project

The Lloyd Symington Foundation has given a $5000 grant to produce ongoing Integrated Awareness classes, one public IA workshop, And one cancer research initiative. These focus on teaching awareness and energy and movement skills to cancer patients and their caregivers. To reduce the negative side affects of Chemotherapy and radiation as well as improving their quality of life during and after treatment.

2005 - Pilot Investigation into the Effects of Integrated Awareness® with Breast Cancer Patients




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