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  The Awareness Option® Foundation, Inc.
It is the mission of The Awareness Option Foundation to be a catalyst for improving the health and quality of life of people from all cutural backgrounds who are economically, socially or physically challenged, or who suffer from chronic illness. Committed to holistic healing, the Foundation underwrites programs and develops community partnerships which support experience-based health education opportunities.


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July 5 2008

Dear TAO Foundation Members, Board of Directors and Advisory Board,

Summer Greetings and best wishes for peaceful and productive times for all of you.

Our annual board meeting was held on March 27, 2008. W. Ivan Cendese, Jan W. Cendese, Mary Ellen Rayner and Maureen St. Germain were in attendance.

The Foundation wants to extend our deep thanks and appreciation to Dr. Geoffrey Leigh for his service, guidance and expertise in all the past foundation events. His term on the board was completed in December 2007. Dr. Leigh was the principal researcher for the Foundation and also has been the principal writer of the three papers about the events in the service of women who were diagnosed with and in treatment for breast cancer. Dr. Leigh’s contributions in the establishment of the TAO Foundation are pivotal and the Foundation would not be as far along without his help and involvement. Thank you so much Geoff for all you have done to guide the Foundation into credibility and stability.

It is with understanding but regret that we accept the resignation of Sara Pierce as a member of the board of directors. Sara felt that other demands in her work were just too high to complete her term as a director. Sara’s input into the upcoming autistic event was instrumental in its inception and design. Sara, we are so appreciative of the support and help you were able to give the Foundation and wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

The current project to serve autistic children and their parents was discussed in detail. The actual project is now projected for March through May of 2009. The complexity of this project is drawing out the preparation and implementation. There are five more people that have entered a commitment for training as practitioners for this event. This event will include ten table sessions of energy/bodywork and Esogetic Colorpuncture , two of these ten sessions will be with the mother and dad of each child as well as the child, on tables for joint sessions. There will be three one-day workshops for the parents. One workshop will be for the parents to gain awareness and sensitivity about autism and their child, and the other two will be teaching the parents how to do basic energy work on their children to encourage and maintain further improvement.

So, here is your chance. We are obviously going to need a lot of energy workers for this next project. TAO Foundation was established for you. The Foundation is your professional organization and will be able to pay you for your service. At the present time, we are working with two different funding sources that will allow the Foundation to pay practitioners $75 per session. And, every effort will be made to help you with lodging and transportation. So, renew your membership now and email us your interest in participating in this autism project.

In a special meeting of the board of directors after March’s meeting, the following individuals were approved for election to the board. Ms. Brenda Kell, LMT, Ms. Lesley Jones, Mr. Roger Olbrot, LMT, and Ms. Jasmine Weaver have graciously agreed to serve on the board of directors. Each of these wonderful professionals is eager to help the TAO Foundation in its mission.

It was also decided to adopt a service program called “Talking Helps”. This program provides psychosocial services to members of the bleeding disorders community. The grant comes through a collaborative effort between the Utah Hemophilia Foundation (UHF) and the Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) at Primary Children’s Medical Center. Ms. Dana Appling will be running this program and providing the services through TAO Foundation. We will keep you posted on the progress of this program.

July 2008 is here and it’s time for membership renewal. Be aware of the membership renewal letter coming to you by email and surface mail. The membership will remain $50 for the 2008-2009 year.
Membership in the TAO Foundation means:
1. Your statement of your personal and professional desire to serve people in need with the skills you achieved.
2. Your membership allows you to be on the roster of professionals associated with the Foundation.
3. Your membership allows you the opportunity to be trained in specialized areas related to Foundation events.
4. Your membership provides payment to professionals for service rendered.
5. Your membership pays for direct services to people in need and the bare minimum of operating expenses incurred in staying in touch with you.
And, we have a T-shirt for the TAO Foundation if you haven’t received one.

All administrative costs are donated or underwritten by other support.

The DVD/VHS Introduction to Integrated Awareness® is still available to members for $10 plus shipping. Purchasing these DVD’s and VHS’s directly support the Foundation and its endeavors. Many people have written to me with thanks for producing it, indicating that it has been great help, especially in starting a person who is a beginner in awareness and higher consciousness.

Blessings to all of you,

Jan Cendese, LCSW, LMT Certified IA® Teacher, APP
Executive Director

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