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  The Awareness Option® Foundation, Inc.
It is the mission of The Awareness Option Foundation to be a catalyst for improving the health and quality of life of people from all cutural backgrounds who are economically, socially or physically challenged, or who suffer from chronic illness. Committed to holistic healing, the Foundation underwrites programs and develops community partnerships which support experience-based health education opportunities.


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May 6, 2009

Dear TAO Foundation Members,

This letter is long over due. However, I can say that I have been very busy developing the board of directors in addition to creating and orchestrating the 2009 TAO Foundation Service Project serving Children and Families living with Autism.

First, I want to announce that we have four new board members who have been invaluable in these past months with running the fund raiser and developing the research component of this next service project. Ms. Brenda Kell, LMT, Ms. Jasmine Weaver, Mr. Roger Olbrot and Ms. Kerry Dew are our new board members. We are so lucky to have these talented individuals working with us. They bring their expertise to the TAO Foundation in several areas that need their strength and excellence. Welcome, Brenda, Jasmine, Roger and Kerry! We also have had a chance to meet and work with Ms. Stephanie Owens, PhD. She has so generously offered her guidance and expertise in the research component of our current Service Project. She has also agreed to come onto the board of directors, and her nomination and ratification will be addressed in the September 2009 board meeting.

As you know Autism is getting more publicity today than ever. The rise of the diagnosis of ASD—Autism Spectrum Disorder—is probably due to several factors. I won’t go into these details in this newsletter, but the disorder seems to be on the rise in epidemic proportions. I had the privilege of working with some children with the ASD diagnosis with remarkable results that have lasted 12 months, at last check. Thus, the board and I decided to do a service project with children and families living with autism. Click here for more information.

Please realize that your membership dues from July 2008 are still in the bank and make up a portion of the monies that will go directly for service to these children in this current project. Ms. Brenda Kell, one of our board members, has agreed to be our membership chairperson. So, please open your hearts with generosity when her membership drive letter comes around to you this July 2009.

There are four people who have been training with Jan W. Cendese through The Awareness Option® Training Program for the past 4 years. It is with admiration and pleasure that I can announce that Ms. Marva Beesley, Mr. Jack Gardner, Ms. Melene Rose and Ms. Jasmine Weaver will be graduating as Master TAO Energy Work Practitioners at the end of this 2009 Service Project. They are recognized for outstanding achievement and demonstration of excellence in the Master Level Training of the TAO Energy Work, higher dimensional healing, impeccable leadership and ethics and compassionate service in three TAO Foundation Service projects. I am honoured to have them as colleagues and to represent the unique energy work I have developed as the TAO Energy Work.

The 2009 TAO Foundation Service Project for Children and Families living with autism will begin on Saturday, June 20th and end on Saturday, August 8th. At this writing we have 6 families committed to the project and expect another two to four families to join us by the time we start. Please click here to review our target behaviours and specific details of the entire program. >

The project design is simple but comprehensive. Ms. Tana Allred, an educational specialist with ASD focus, has generously offered to give a one-hour experiential opportunity for the parents. We will also be using Thera-Scent by Noxo to begin each session and to send home with the parents for use in between sessions for anxiety and agitation. This Thera-Scent is generously provided by the company Noxo and our own National Advisory Board member, Ruth Pinney, PhD. We will do a pre-test, post-test, 3-month follow-up and 6-month follow-up developed from an instrument from Catherine Chemin Schneider, OTR. During each session the practitioners will fill out the ATEC instrument and an internal assessment sheet for our own use. In between sessions, parents will also fill out an ATEC instrument as well as an instrument monitoring the responses the children and parents have to Thera-Scent application. We will keep you posted on how this project unfolds.

In an effort to raise money for the project the whole board worked very hard on a fundraiser dance concert. Jasmine Weaver found a young woman living with autism who is a recognized artist. She created a painting that has become the visual representation of our service project.

Artist: Tawny Chelsea Dean - Age 18

Dark Blooming to Light

When asked, she said the following statements:

“The flowers are in both worlds. The past is behind and the future is before us. Red reminds me of fighting, but it makes me happy to fight.”

“Fight or Flight - It’s the honor of the fight and the color that tempts the anger. The red gives me the power to fight.”

“There are 8 flowers but they look like rings. I am the ninth flower or ring. I am the leader of all of them.”

“The 8 rings represent the fight for consciousness.”

Mr. Rick Lawson was absolutely amazing and generous in giving the monies to underwrite the whole dance concert. We were able to rent the beautiful Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Two local dance companies, RawMoves - Nicholas Cendese and Natosha Washington and Tranfusion Hype - Ashlee Prentice, put together the most upbeat, engaging, fun, two-hour dance concert, called Inside Out. People really loved it, or so they said. A local radio station, 98.7, The “B” gave us two tickets to REO Speedwagon and Stix as a give away that night which added to the excitement and involvement. All in all, we raised $4,000.00. Thanks to everyone for their loving, generous, open hearts and pocketbooks.

In this time of financial crisis and hardship on so many levels, the support, passion and love that has poured out of people for this project just makes me feel that the matrix of awareness and consciousness is truly guiding us. Because of your membership, support, love and spirit, our TAO ship is sailing. Stay aboard and hold on as we continue to create an expanding, creative path of learning and service.

Summer Solstice blessings to you all,

Jan W. Cendese, LCSW, LMT, CPP
Executive Director - TAO Foundation

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