Negotiations on the implementation of 40 hours have just begun, but have already been put back to next year. Indeed, DG HR announced that it will not take any decision to improve the current system and make it more flexible before the next Commission.

In this spirit, the Director-General Mrs Souka just refused the following proposals, supported by all the unions :


1. Establishment of a single registration system (Quick TIM).

However, DG HR, without telling the staff or the unions would have the mandate to prepare the installation of attendance monitors in all Commission buildings. Control of working time, in whatever way, is a considerable step backwards for our institution that does not take into account technological developments.

2. Elimination of core- time (mandatory attendance) Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

This option was introduced to help women and single parents who will pay for the increased difficulty of reconciling work and family life introduced by 40 hours.

The rejection of this proposal will be that the Commission will be an increasingly archaic institution in which women are increasingly forced to work part-time, which may affect their career. TAO -AFI is very sensitive to this issue and asked the DG HR statistics on the following data:


·        Statistics and male/female ratio of AST posts

·        Number of people who have asked for a reduction of working time in 2013. Numerical and percentage male/female indication

·        Number of single-parent families in the Commission. Indication of the number and percentage of men / women

3. Recovery up to 40 hours to take the whole year for every two days each month through the creation of a " backpack " hours recoverable .

TAO -AFI asked the DG HR to align with the existing rules in other institutions and to increase the number of hours to recover.

4. Taking into account the actual working hours during missions, including transportation time.

Missions are part of the work schedule and it is inconceivable that the hours worked plus 8 hours a week and travel time are not recoverable. TAO -AFI asked the DG HR to give the possibility to transfer the backpack recoverable hours (see point 3.) worked beyond 10h/jour during a mission.

5. Inclusion hours of participation in union and association meetings in work time.

TAO -AFI will not give its approval to this decision that is a real social regression for thousands of colleagues