A "Visitor Centre" in the Charlemagne?


Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the Commission, has decided to transform the first floor of the Charlemagne building to create a Visitor Centre to raise the profile of our institution to the outside world. This floor is currently hosting conference rooms, SCIC offices, reserves of the catering service for receptions… This centre seems to be the Commission's response to a similar initiative from the EP (Parlamentarium) which cost lots of money and has been heavily criticized by the press. 

Many services are against this initiative which will reduce the number of conference rooms in the Commission, rooms that are currently required pending the construction of a conference centre complementary to the Centre Borchette.

In addition, this space will no longer be available for other major events such as Greenweek, the Energy Week and other events that have been showcases for the Commission for years.

In this time of crisis when office spaces are becoming smaller, this operation represents an unnecessary expense for our institution. 

TAO-AFI requests the Commission to stop this unnecessary and costly project.