Results of our survey and answer by the OIB


On 1 January 2014 a new catering contract was implemented in restaurants and cafeterias of the Commission. This contract provides for a maximum of three operators (Unijolly, Ciano and Eurest ) which share the management of facilities.



Given the complaints by staff after this new contract, PLUS (TAO-AFI and SE) ​​published information and asked colleagues to share their experiences (
Where shall we go for lunch today.doc).

This report is the result of the analysis of the responses received, and has been sent to the OIB so that measures can be taken to improve the quality of service offered by the restaurants of the Commission.
Please find herewith attached the answer of the OIB.

This report is structured in two parts : the general remarks made ​​by colleagues on the one hand and demands of PLUS on the other.

The majority of staff who responded to our communication raise the following points:


1.     Price differences between the self-services canteens and cafeterias and are unacceptable and discriminate among staff;


2.     Poor organization on the part of contractors has resulted in the lack of products, closing cafeterias between 11.20 and 11.45 , and queues in some canteens) ;


3.      Despite a general increase in prices, there is no improvement or taste or quality or choice, on the contrary. For example, the contractor who performs the lowest prices also offers a range of lower quality:


o   replacement of products with more expensive and less good products (especially coffee, Illy by JAVA " Fairtrade Max Havelaer") ;

o      the salad bar has doubled in price while the quality or supply has not changed and the price of the dish of the day has also increased unjustifiably.


4.  The abolition of the discount on the dish of the day has a significant impact for contract staff, for officials at lower grades and trainees. "Once again it is the low salary earners that will pay ...." "Between increases and this suppression, some lose between 40 and 70 euros per month, depending on what they eat. The canteen meal was often their main meal of the day. Some now bring their lunch because they can no longer use the canteen." Staff call for the restoration of the discount card;


5.  Request for the taking into consideration of journey times: are journey times counted as working time in this competition encouraged by the Commission? This should be seriously taken into account when establishing a presence control by a common electronic system for the entire Commission;


6.  Following the price increase many colleagues prefer to bring their sandwiches / lunches from home. "My daily food budget has been multiplied by a factor of 2.5 compared to what I was paying before."

In conclusion, PLUS calls on OIB to:


• harmonize the prices in the restaurants and cafeterias of the Commission;

• take concrete actions to improve the quality of meals ;

• restore the reduction card for certain categories of staff;

• release statistics on canteen attendance in January 2013 and January 2014;

• study the internalization of certain facilities (cf. ISPRA ) ;

• release the facts that demonstrate the implementation of a real competition between restaurants (are staff actually travelling from one building to another? ) .